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Is Fibromyalgia Real?
By: Dr. William Wong, ND, PhD.


For all of the strides Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) patients have made in getting their condition recognized as a true disease, even to the point of having a diagnostic (CPT-4) code for the condition: now, the major movers and shakers in the medical insurance world are pushing to reverse the recognition and have FMS patients relegated to psychiatric wards again! To make matters worse they (the insurance companies), it seems have bought the MD who first documented the facts behind the condition and called it a true disease.

Why the turn around in this doc? And, why are so many other doctors turning away from FMS patients and, even turning against them? It's simple, they are frustrated...

  • Frustrated at not being able to put a dent in the disease with conventional drugs and therapies.
  • Frustrated at non compliant patients who don't want to participate in their own healing, but are looking for someone with magic fairy dust to suddenly take away their pain and make everything better". (Even I won't work with these patients).
  • Frustrated that their theories on the cause of the disease have not panned out and since they can't figure out the cause of the disease they relegate the condition to the scrap heap of psychosomatic diseases!

Also, many of these docs's are seeing the handwriting on the wall: insurance companies are about to cut off all coverage of treatment for FMS patients. Just as what happened with the Chiropractors in the 70's and 80's when they ran up charges and caused a cut off reaction by the insurance companies and Medicare; the MD's have done the same with FMS patients with useless trigger point injections, electro therapy, hands on fascia remolding, endless chains of office visits and medication taking etc.etc. etc.

Do I sound like I'm against FMS treatment? No, not in the least! I'm against the doc's using up patient insurance coverage's with treatments they are guessing "may" work. I'm against medical conferences on FMS that don't even address the primary causes of the disease - Fibrosis, all the while doing the allopathic thing and concentrating only on the symptoms and symptomatic relief! (Remember the condition IS called FIBRO Myalgia or "Fibrosis caused Muscle Pain").

Well now that their symptomatic methods have proven useless it's not they who are wrong; it's the 3.5 million Fibromyalgia patients who are! Now that they have drained out the insurance companies and those firms are balking at paying for treatment or disability, they've jumped ship and joined the cry against the people who depended on them to get them better!

In a way I can understand the frustration of the doc's; about half the FMS patients out there won't lift a finger to help themselves. At first the dependence of these patients is good for office visits but when things don't work their dependence becomes burdensome to the doc. These folks bring so much psychological baggage to the office, no wonder many docs legitimately think the patients are faking or crazy. The other half of FMS patients do want to be involved and work for their recovery. They can discern and separate the things that have gone wrong and the things they have done wrong in their lives from the disease state and what must be done to recover. These patients get better if they find the right mix of support and self treatment to get them past the pity party stage into the "well poop; if you ain't going to help me, I'll help myself" stage.

What must be done by FMS patients to better themselves?

  1. Take systemic enzymes to eat away at the fibrosis that is the cause of the ischemic pain of FMS. (Remember the pain of ischemia cannot be lessened by pain med's or anti depressants).
  2. Strength Exercise, to increase the number of blood vessel feeding muscles (this reduces ischemia and therefore the pain).
  3. Strength Exercise to increase the number of mitochondria the muscle cells have so these can produce ATP (the sugar they lack that runs everything in the body). It's the lack of ATP and mitochondria that produces the extreme fatigue just like in Mononucleosis. No supplement, drug or hocus pocus build mitochondria in muscle cells, only exercise can!
  4. Strength Exercise to increase strength so the Activities of Daily Living are not such a burden. (ADL's are things like getting out of bed, combing your hair, cooking, rising off the potty, etc.). I told you, you had to work for it!
  5. Time, it will take weeks or even months of effort before the pain begins to abate and the ADL's become easier. And after you feel better you can't stop doing. If you stop you'll slide back to where you were in 8 weeks or less.
  6. Follow a rounded program like the one I outlined in "10 Natural Treatments You Haven't Heard of Until Now". (Yes, I'm going to make you buy the book, it's only 14 dollars. While I'm an FMS patient myself, I give away enough therapeutic advice and experience for free)! It has worked for me and for every FMS patient I've worked with since coming up with the plan.

Fibromyalgia does exist; FMS is as real as the pain we constantly live with. But maybe it's a good thing that medicine is about to kick out FMS patients - it might make the dependent ones see that they need to work to attain their own well-being and they'll stop looking to others to bring about their return to health and function.

Sounds heavy handed, wasn't this article about the way FMS patients are being mistreated by the doc's and insurance companies? Yes it was. But, in a way, we've only ourselves to blame that MD's and insurance companies think most of us are nuts and disregard our pain and dysfunction.

Tough love can be a wonderful thing.

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