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Decisions Made With the "Lack of Light"
By: Rev. Dr. William Wong


In late 1922 Rudolph Steiner, Europe's greatest mystic and spiritual teacher, was hustled onto a train to Switzerland by his friends. He had to leave his beloved Munich and the school of spiritual philosophy he had built there (which had just been torched to the ground) because the new head of the National Socialist Party, Adolph Hitler, had marked him for death. As a practitioner of the black spiritual arts, Hitler knew that the only man in Europe with the spiritual power to stop his progress and plans was Steiner. (1). With Steiner went the light that might have saved the German people from the destiny that awaited them as being the pawns of evil.

The American psychic Edgar Cayce once noted that the “War Belt” (a historical term given north central and western Europe to denote where the greatest amount of fighting and dying had taken place on that continent over the centuries), of Europe still cried out with the blood and emotions of the millions whose lives had been cut short there. The energy of their deaths, torture, and untold suffering still lingered strongly in those areas and begged to be cleansed. He predicted a 20 minute earthquake would sink most of north and central Europe from the channel coast to the Urals leaving most of the continent under the sea.

While traveling to Europe on a learning expedition in 2001, I noted one very interesting point: Everywhere I go I try to get some time in meditating and drawing in energy. I use this energy to refresh myself from life's endeavors and, as a martial artist and healer this energy is used to both strike at an enemy or pass healing on to a patient. Looking at the travel logs on the Alps and Black Forest I was looking forward to nestling myself against a tree, or sitting peacefully at the edge of a mountain lake, praying, meditating and becoming a receptor of the energy found there. Once in Germany, I found that the words of the highly spiritual martial artist Malia Reyes were true. In an interview decades ago she noted that while living for several years in Germany she had noticed a “darkness” there. My meditation had no energizing effect. I could not draw in energy, higher “Chi” was not to be found there. I went to the Bavarian Alps, some of the most beautiful mountains I've ever seen, I meditated and attempted energy drawing at the side of a mountain lake several thousands meters above sea level. No deal. It was like meditating in a picture postcard; form but no substance! Emptiness, void and as Malia noted darkness.. What gives, I thought?

Was I right in what I was feeling or was I just not picking up on the good energy there because it was different? A member of our party was a spiritually advanced gal who often travels to the Andes mountains to meditate. On asking her what she made of the surrounding energy I received a reply something like “what energy, there's nothing here I can't feel a thing”! Okay, so it wasn't just me.

Driving back from the Alps we passed a sign that gave me a bit of the answer – the Autobahn sign pointed the way to Dachau, the town with the first of the notorious Nazi death camps. Here in this beautiful setting, in the best landscape Germany has to offer, amidst all of the beauty, was this place of evil. Then I remembered more of recent history. Hitler's favorite retreat was his Eagle's Lair, in the Bavarian Alps. His favorite city was Munich, as was Steiner's. It was there that the first round between good and evil was fought in the days before WWII and the good guy had lost. It was from this visually beautiful place that the black arts brought to power one of the most worst mass murders in history. Though Hitler pales in overall numbers of victims killed when compared to Mao (at approx 66 million), and Stalin (at 30+ million), there is no doubt that German tendencies for efficiency and technology made his murders more machine like and more an integrated part of the state bureaucracy. Hitler's murders were also more like sacrificial offerings to the gods of darkness. Indeed the Nazi's even took the ashes from the concentration camp ovens and spread them around the ground in various districts as a “homeopathic” remedy to keep Jews away from Europe.(1). Munich is still a bad place to be a Jew as we remember from the '72 Olympics.

Cayce was right. All of that energy was still there, all of the tears, horror and death was still there. Indeed most all of Europe was covered with some sort of negative energic “dome” that prevented what I'll call “Positive Chi” from entering. On our long flight back to the States, I made note to read the energy every so often. There was an overhead map on our TV screens to show what countries we were over in our flight back. Nowhere over northern continental Europe was there any positive energy. Things started brightening up as we got to Scotland, with some light there. Tingling began to be felt over Greenland as there was enough energy to capture and make flow but things did not get back to a high level of positive energy, until we reached the eastern side of Hudson's Bay in Canada! From there on to Arizona we were "fully in the light” and positive energy abounded. It was then I understood why people were drawn to the Western States and Provinces of North America. This is where pioneers and immigrants who thought positively that they could build a new life, found the right energies to do so. This realization also explained to me why folks on the East Coast of the US are so staid and negative in their ways as opposed to the “can do” positiveness of the Westerners. (If I had my way the US capitol would be moved to Denver where the western air and mountain energy would likely produce better government that is presently coming out of the Maryland swamps)!

It was also then I understood why there is such negativity and an attitude for not standing up to true evil from European governments. Only when their hands are forced via an issue of national sovereignty or personal affront will the governments of Europe stand up to evil. Most of the time they will look the other way hoping it will go away and just affect the other guy or compromise with evil and accommodate it. (As was the case with the Munich summit between Hitler and Chamberlain in 1939 that gave away Czechoslovakia in a vain attempt to prevent an unpreventable war). There are times when the price of peace is too high.

All this leads me to the point of this article: Should we revel in the greater light and energy of the Americas or take our cue from those who live in the “darkness”. For years the many in the United States have held western and central Europe as examples of socialist democracies to be followed and emulated. Never mind that no one has been able to make socialism really work, never mind that the social welfare and pension programs are crushing Europe's' economies and decreasing business incentive, never mind that Big Brother' ism is looming ever greater with surveillance cameras everywhere and Orwell'ian thought police in pubs listening for “hate speech”. These folks and their ways were the cradle of the Western Civilization to which we all belong and the pundits say we need to be more like them.

Enter Sir Arnold Toynbee. Toynbee was THE leading historian of the 20th century. It was his mind that saw the cycles of the assent and decline of civilizations. All civilizations he found fit into this cycle and his minds eye saw the cycle repeating itself from the first civilization in Summer 6000 years ago to the industrial age. Toynbee found that the cycle of ascent and decline took on average some 700 years.

Let's do some counting. Europe was the back-water and armpit of the old world until the Renaissance of the 13 and 14 hundreds. The enlightenment of the 16 and 1700's brought creativity in art, philosophy, government and law. Francis Bacon and John Locke led the way to improving the position of man vs his government via their writings on the rights of man. The American and French revolutions capped these ideas of liberty. (Though the French were to befall the implosion of their revolution with the “Reign of Terror” and the later dictatorship of Napoleon). The industrial revolution of the 1800's brought economic might and empire to Europe. Then came payback time: karmic payback for the sins of colonization. Payback for being slave masters instead of teachers. Anyone wishing to understand the two world wars should think of them as karmic punishment.

Why for example was tiny Holland so violently crushed and humiliated in both world wars? Aren't the Dutch sweet and peace loving people? They were at home. But ask any Indonesian old enough to remember how the Dutch behaved as colonial masters and you'll understand why their payback price was so high. Of all the colonial powers the Dutch were the most repressive and enslaving. The decline of Europe began in the 1900's and continues today at a rapid rate of acceleration. Decline can be seen it the morals and art of modern Europe. Decline can be seen in the appeasement practiced there due to a lack of physical power or strength of will in Europe. It's in line with Toynbee's cycle of decline. Asia, for example, closed it's doors in the 1400's and suffered colonization, starvation, a crumbling of civilization and social stagnation. Now is Asia's time to ascend and it is mighty obvious that it is doing so.

For us to believe that the Europeans are the example to follow at present would be to invest them once again with the attributes they had during the Enlightenment of the 1700's. Those attributes are no longer there. It would be like finding the high level of wisdom of philosophy, arts and sciences of the ancient Greeks in today's Greeks. Those great souls of yesteryear have moved on and no longer reside there. Folks who want us to emulate Europe in the political stances and social morays of today want us to follow a dying culture into the grave. The US is only 2 to 300 years into it's Toynbee cycle. We should not be following Europe off the cliff simply because they WERE our example for art, philosophy and morality. Where there is moral certitude and the strength of will there need be no appeasement.

We in the States need to wary of political and moral opinions that stack against us from leaders and opinion makers who are not “bathed” in the available light and chi we have west of Hudson's Bay. Europe is no longer the place for high morality, high ideals of freedom or higher spirituality. If the likes of Steiner could not elevate Europe out of it's decline, then Toynbee is right and all that the continent is waiting is for is the great earthquake of Cayce's predictions to come and wash the place clean.


1) The Spear of Destiny, by Trevor Ravenscroft.

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