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A Short Course in Meditation and Chi Gathering
By: Rev. Dr. William Wong


Level One: Sit quietly in a comfortable spot. If you are not out of doors, close the shades and turn down the lights. The sitting position now matters little, it can be crossed legged on the floor or feet flat on the floor from a chair, etc. What matters is that the spine is straight, head erect with the chin held up slightly. Now close your eyes and breathe into the belly slowly. It should take a slow three count to breathe in. The tip of the tongue should be touching the roof of the mouth just behind the front teeth. This action connects the Governing Vessel and Conception Vessel Meridians forming the main energy circuit in the body. Breathe in for three counts, hold for three counts, breathe out for three counts. Repeat over and over again for some five to ten minutes. Keep your closed eyes "focused" or concentrating on the spot between the eyes. This is the mystical third eye which is used to read the hearts of men. Concentrate on the breathing rhythm and do not worry about thoughts that flash through your mind. Your goal is to be free of thought, blank and receptive like an empty television screen. Don't try to fight the thoughts off, just concentrate on the rhythm of the breath. With practice you'll lapse off this concentration to find your mind blank - open and ready for reception. Practice daily for 1 to 2 weeks.

Level Two: Having done well at the techniques in level one, it's now time to add to what is done. After you've concentrated on your breath and are into your meditative trance, using your imagination, see a beam of pure crystalline white light coming down from above and shining onto your third eye. This will be your gateway to drawing chi into your body. See (in your mind) the light shining into your third eye, feel the mild tingle of electricity between your eyes as the light streams in. See it illuminate your head. If you don't feel it or can't hold the visualization don't fret, just concentrate on your breathing and try again. Most folks once accomplished at this level will feel their head tilt up and back during meditation. This is great don't fight it. Energy is pouring in straightening the spine to facilitate it's entry, reducing resistance to it's flow. It is one of the signs along with the tingling that shows accomplishment. Practice daily for 2 weeks.

Level Three: Now that you can visualize the chi flowing into your third eye and glowing in your head, see the beam coming into the third eye and remain as a beam flowing back towards the upper part of the neck where it meets your head. From there see the beam travel down your spine lighting up the spinal cord as it goes. Have this light then fill up your lower belly and pelvis. You should be lit up from top to bottom like a light bulb. Feel the tingle in the third eye down your spine and in your pelvis under the navel. The light should brighten as it accumulates. Build up and store your chi. Continue to practice level 3 for life. After a while at this level, things will begin to happen, visualizations and realizations may sometimes come to you. On occasion you will be absorbed into the essence of the universe (God, Tao, etc.). During these instances of Mystical Union you will feel as if the edges of your body have dissolved, the top of your head opens up and you become one with everything. It will be an extremely peaceful experience, filled with joy and an overwhelming feeling of love. You won't be able to force things like that to happen. There is a Buddhist saying noting that the harder you try at something the further away from it you get. Just practice, seek direct knowledge of the Tao sincerely and these things will happen. Not always, but enough to tell you that you are on the right tract; and to open up other mystical worlds to you. If for whatever reason your practice of meditation and at-one-ment lapses, try to go back to the level you previously attained. If this is hard then go back through the entire process of reopening the channels. It will take only days to regain your previous level.

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