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Skewed Values and Human Sacrifices
By: Rev. Dr. William Wong


I find it incredibly twisted and mentally sick that the vast majority of people who bemoan the humiliation and ill-treatment of terrorists and murderers, and the vast majority of people who will cry outside of a prison during an execution think it’s perfectly okay for a doctor to pull a fully grown baby half way out of the womb punch a hole in his skull with a pair of scissors and suck the child's brains out with a vacuum cleaner! (Late term abortion). Does the contradiction and hypocrisy of their opinions not come to their minds at all! Can they not differentiate between the truly innocent and the truly evil and guilty?

It could be that the torturing of prisoners in an effort to gain information to save good citizens and putting to death the cancers of society would be better accepted if we called it “retroactive abortion”. Then, I guess, it would be all right!

The ancient god Baal, who compares favorably with our view of the devil, demanded that children be sacrificed to him regularly.

The Carthaginians killed almost a whole generation sacrificing to him to avoid the wrath of an angry Rome. The forces of evil that demand human sacrifice are not limited to the Carthaginians or the super blood thirsty Maya of ancient times. University of London professor Trevor Ravinscroft, author of the book “The Spear Of Destiny”, said Hitler committed mass murder in his concentration camps in part as a human sacrifice to satan. It was Ravincroft's contention that the Austrian corporal had been inducted into a satanic cult in the years between his World War I heroism and his ascendancy to power in Germany. Seeing the mass of female infanticide in China, the western world adopting the liquidation of innocent life as a “human right”, and the west's insistence on preserving and making comfortable those who are truly evil, I believe Old Jack Flash (satan) is alive and well and living the life of a worshipped god, receiving sacrifices from here on earth.

In killing the harmless and preserving those who prey on society we have truly skewed the human vision of what is right and what is wrong.

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