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Growing a Pair: The De-Feminization of Men!
By: William Wong, ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame.


How can women today stand it!!! To have men as delicate and fretful and argumentative as the most estrogen dominant female must drive them nuts! Most women marry men to be their men, not to be their girl friend, mother or worst still their mother in law! From the 1970’s onward we’ve had the age of the wimp! Testosterone was condemned by the "Libber FemaNazis" as the root of all evil; male images on TV and in the movies went from being builders, being wise, guiding and understanding to being dupes, stupid and unable to do a thing unless guided by their ever so wise womenfolk!

Combine this brainwashing with the 5 to 8 birth control pills worth of estrogen in each bottle of soy formula fed to baby boys at a time when their testosterone level should be equal to that of an 18 year old so that the particular part of the anterior pituitary develops telling the boy he is a Guy, a Male, a future Man and you see that we’ve had a multi-level assault on manhood worldwide in the latter part of the 20th century and that we are feeling the effects of it now with the huge numbers of unproductive, weak willed, “sensitive”, unreliable, soft men. Men so childlike they still cling to playing with the round bouncy objects that are the earmarks of childhood (rubber balls). Worst still they revel in watching other fully grown men play with the instruments of childhood! The more mature of them watch sports other than those involving round bouncy things. But if watch more than they do, they are spectators in life and not participants!

Not only have their psyches gone soft, but due to the estrogen they’ve eaten and continue to eat their penises are smaller and softer when “hard” than previous generations. Also, their sperm counts are though the floor with men today being only marginally fertile at an average of 20,000 sperm per Ml of ejaculate instead of the 100,000 sperm per ml men normally made in the 1960s. Dr. Doris Rapp MD, the worlds leading pediatric allergist has research to show that at this rate only 21% of the men in the world will be even marginally fertile by 2045!!! (Gals if you want to get pregnant find yourselves a guy born before the introduction of soy formula in 1973! He’ll have more sperm and a bigger "you know what" than your high maintenance, high emotion, high strung boy toy)!

In a reversal of a study done in the 1970’s or 80’s, English women today are looking for men with strong sturdy hands. It used to be that these gals went for men with delicate hands, since those hands also denote a delicate nature. Now, in the Millennium, English gals have grown tired of the “sensitivity” and lack of dependability these men possess and they are looking for men who can actually work, do things and build things. For a gal to feather her nest, some guy actually needs to be able to build the nest and protect it. The larger, thicker, stronger hand denotes someone who might actually be able to do those things!

The last time the earth had this many girly men around was at the end of the Western Roman Empire. That's the main reason why the Western Empire fell to the robust and manly barbarians!

So, how do we reverse the trend? How do we fix the soft broken men of the X and Y generations and prevent the womanization of men from happening in the future?

First: is to tell the media to stop showing men and fathers as incompetent fools. We do this by denying Hollyweird the dollars they get when watching their movies and deluging TV advertisers with angry letters when they sponsor a TV show featuring the soft wimp as their typical male.

Second: we demand a return to the male hero image that so passionately showed boys that strong men are both kind, giving as well as protective, building and strong. The sadistic misogynist now portrayed as a “Strong man” by the Hip Hop generation is actually an overcompensating weakling blindly striking out at what he thinks is holding him down. Hopalong Cassidy and John Wayne are the images the strong kind men of the 40’s through the 60’s knew. Compare their quiet stoic strength with the whining weakness of today's men! Compare their getting up and doing for themselves with the weakness of having to have things done for them.

Since the industrial revolution not a single generation of men has been inducted into manhood! It used to be that a boy went to the fields to work with his father, spent most of the non-school day with him and his father taught him the skills men needed, in that day, to be men. Tradition has it that men go from being taught by their fathers to being mentored further in life, their professions, trades or spirituality by another older male.

Today we have no such teaching. Since men went to work in factories and then offices, boys did not have their fathers around to learn from or emulate. All they see of their dads is the tired, angry man wanting to be left alone after a day spent making someone else rich. Without images of what men were supposed to be like, boys in the late 1800’s turned to the heroes of classic literature for their example of how to be. From the 1920’s onward they turned to the movies to see images of strong men heroes etc. Somewhere in the anti-hero days of the 60’s, the images of strong good men began to decline, and with that the behavior of boys began to decline to match. We need to reverse the image and stop the decline.

Third: Mothers need to stop babying their boys. The most costly example of how weak men can bring ruin to a people happened in the Holocaust. Historical research tells us that the Nazis had a total of only some 120,000 police and soldiers rounding up the over six million Jews who were put into the death camps. If we work on the simple math that one third of those 6+ million were grown men then that meant that there were 2 million men at hand to resist the 120,000 oppressors. Even given the fact that the Nazis had disarmed civilians in Europe, what percentage of 2 million is 120 thousand? Not much.

Jewish men in most of Europe (Poland being the notable exceptions) were de-balled, raised to be anything but strong. After the Captain Dryfus affair in France, not many of them ever wanted to be soldiers. One rabbi told me that European Jewish mothers who kept their sons spoiled, soft and their husbands henpecked on purpose could often be heard repeatedly saying: “I didn't raise my son to be a solider”. When the oppressors came only a hand- full of Jewish men in Poland stood up to fight and when they did the Nazis recoiled in horror. It took 3 regiments of troops to put down a rebellion by less than 30 determined Jews. What percentage is less than 30 out of 2 million?!

The Jews who got to Israel assimilated and applied their lesson. Compare the nebbish Jewish men of 1930’s Europe to the Sabra, the Israeli born Jews who though outnumbered 13 to 1, soundly kicked Arab ass three times in their 1st generation!!! The Sabra were as different from the European Jews as Joshua’s Sinai raised warriors were different from their parents who had been Egyptian slaves! Their mothers stopped raising soft boys! All of their sons became soldiers! (One of the reasons I strongly believe in universal conscription and national service ala the Swiss and Israeli’s is to make men strong and responsible citizens. National service protects the nation, and gives needed training and strength to mind and body. Since the Industrial Revolution separated boys from their fathers and elder men, it is the new rite of passage for boys to become men. No person should have a say in their society unless they are willing to put their asses on the line for that society).

Here in the States, Rabbi Mayer Kahana tried to reverse the softness he saw in American Jewish boys when his Jewish Defense League held summer training camps teaching boys martial arts, shooting skills and just teaching them to stand up for themselves! “Never Again” was his cry! The resistance he got from his own “nebbish” here, calling him a hate monger, made him move to Israel where they understood that Jews needed to be strong men or they all would perish.

Lesson #1: Mindset and self image makes a difference, for good or bad to the individual and a nation.

As our minds work so we are. Brain changes have been noted in animal species given soy: most notable was the collapse of the rabbit industry in New Zealand. The industry changed to soy feed en mass only to have the entire industry collapse. The rabbits did not reproduce and were asexual! So, to help on the hormonal side, we need to stop the use of soy formula. Never feed soy, flax, black beans or any other highly estrogenic food to boys or men. We need to weed out every estrogenic thing our foods are laced with not only to lower the fibrosis, inflammations and cancers the estrogen is causing but to change the way the mind wants to work when under the influence of estrogen.

You Cuban relatives of mine - stop eating black beans. It is any wonder you men look like your worn out fathers by 40 and the gals age so by 35! Being so estrogen dominant in eating black beans almost daily, was it any wonder Cuba did not throw off the tyrannical Spanish rule until nearly 70 years after the rest of Latin America did; and even at that Cuba needed help from abroad? Being estrogen dominant as the Cuban people still are, is it any wonder no one’s found the balls to kick out a Stalinist dictator whose firing squads have killed millions of their own in the last 50 years!

Lesson #2: Estrogen dominance makes a difference, for the worst, to an individual and to a nation!

The combination of feeding our kids and eating right; the presentation of strong, kind and intelligent men as figures to imitate; taking away the implements of childhood and giving boys the implements of manhood; and the training needed to keep their bodies strong, their minds filled with high principles and their spirits filled with God, can and will turn the wimp men of this age into the last of their kind seen for many a century.

Testosterone dominant men will immediately recognize implications or the facts here and see the soft men around them as liabilities once they become aware of the facts. Estrogen dominant men will ignore the principles, downplay the history and as all bitchy women do, pick at the nits and whine to keep from having to grow a pair of what they should have had in the first place had not Enfamil, their mothers and Hilary's village gotten in the way.

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