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Demonizing AntiBiotics
By: William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame


It is a very common thing among the natural health crowd to thoroughly bad mouth antibiotics.  Yes, antibiotics have been over used. Yes, some antibiotics have nasty side-effects, and Yes, the bugs we're trying to kill are becoming resistant to the medicines.  Going further, Yes, the use of antibiotics can create the death of the good flora in our intestines and set us up for everything from diarrhea to body wide yeast infections.  But let's please think for a while and put things in perspective.  

Not so long ago (1905) cancer, heart disease and diabetes were not the leading killers in the US or the world, bacterial infection was!  The life expectancy for men was 52, for women 56.  Two out of 5 children never lived to see their 5th birthday all due to infection!  Close to 90% of all deaths were the result of infection, and this despite the widespread use of colloidal silver as an anti-infection agent!   These days, people don't remember history past the time they've experienced; they only remember what happened in their lifetimes and not what occurred before.  They suppose that the way it is now is the way it's “always been”; taint so!  It's actually a luxury to live long enough to die of cancer or heart disease or Alzheimer’s!  In the history of human kind for the last 4 million years, infection has been the #1 killer, all the other diseases that cause death are only recent developments that did not exist in the past: people simply did not live long enough to catch them!

Before you get on my case thinking I'm belittling the diseases mentioned, I'm not.  What I am doing is pointing out that the greatest killer of all time is bacterial infection, period!  We take infections too lightly; we should fear infections more than any other disease, because other than serious trauma there is nothing that can kill us as quickly! 

A neglected infection in a cut finger can fester in a week to the point of losing an arm or killing you.   An ear infection treated “naturally” can lead to deafness.  Fevers left to stand and “do their work” as many in the natural health field recommend, can cause damage to the brain and internal organs.  (There was one DC writing in a Chiropractic journal on the value of letting a kid maintain a high-grade fever to overcome infection.   I wanted to hang that fool from his gonads with piano wire for promulgating an idea sure to ruin the brains and innards of the kids subjected to the experience)!    I've said this before and I'll repeat it till the day they box my up – bacterial infections are the forte of allopathic medicine.  Nothing works as well at killing bacterial infections as antibiotics.  Not silver, not oxygen, not peroxide, not UV blood IV’s, not nothing. 

Viral infections are another matter.  Here the natural medicines of silver, oxygen, peroxide and UV work super well.   But we have to remember that viral infections often breed secondary bacterial infections, like the flu turning into bronchitis.  For the resultant bacterial infections we need the antibiotics.   And, the use of natural anti-virals does not belittle the allopathic anti-viral tools of Valtrex, Ribavirin and Isoprinosine.  They are great medicines!  When they were being kept out of the US market in the 90's by the politics of HIV (the makers of AZT not wanting any possible competition) I was vociferous in my urging the approval of these meds and allowing Americans the anti- viral benefits these drugs had been providing the rest of the world since the 80's.   It's taken nearly 20 years of fighting but now they are here.  The anti-viral drugs on the whole are safe even in long-term use and have none of the side effects on the good bacteria that antibiotics have.

The antibiotics killing of the body’s good bacteria and the growth of bad yeast in the wet areas of the body (i.e. the mouth, intestines, lungs, sinuses, vagina, womb, cerebral spinal fluid and brain) can easily be overcome by the strong use of prebiotics (Inulin) and probiotics (good bacteria).  These days, cases of candida and thrush that previously took months or years to get rid of can be done away within days or weeks using the right combination of pre and probiotics.  We've done it, it works!

So, the short term and occasional use of antibiotics against infections is OK.  What is not OK is the long-term low-level ingestion of these drugs against silly things like acne!   Acne can be so easily treated using topicals, change of diet and hormone therapy that the continued use of antibiotics with the systemic yeast infections and vaginitis they cause is needless.

You now have my thoughts on the subject.  I'll get off my soap box now.

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