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Punishment for FDA chiefs? Imagine if the Feds Would Do That Here!
By William Wong ND, PhD.


The headline in Forbes 10 July 07 read:
China Executes Ex Food and Drug Chief!

Gosh golly!!! What a novel idea, actually holding someone responsible for the lives and welfare of the public as actually being responsible! And what a novel idea for punishing them for not so doing and paying for the human suffering their actions bring about!!! Wow!!! Let’s start a grass roots movement to have the same law here in the US!!! The death penalty with limited appeal capabilities so the sentence is carried out as swiftly as in the Communist tyrannies!

After the law gets passed, concerned Americans can push the Justice Dept. to start bringing former heads and officials of the FDA to trial for capital crimes. Let’s see, since Nutrasweet effects from blindness to brain impairment amount to over 70% of the complaints the FDA gets yearly since the introduction of the sweetener in 1983, so it'll start with bringing the FDA chief from back then to trial. Next they'll get to try every FDA chief since then for allowing Nutrasweet to stay on the market.

Every now and then these government “officials” go after some vitamin company or some small generic drug maker just to make it seem as if they are doing their job of enforcing the law in regards to drug safety. They don’t touch the big boys and when one of their members, like the FDA’s maverick Dr. David Graham, dares to go after a big player, like Merck for Vioxx, he gets shut down from above. Dr. Graham next wanted to go after the deadly anti-cholesterol drugs - he was stopped cold from doing that. As for the politicians who should be protecting the whistle-blowers, we’ve already published a list of what a good few of them get from the drug companies, why shouldn't we think the politicos would be beholding to the folks who fund and support them? Look at the list, the larger the cash flow from the drug cartels to them the more an enemy of the nutritional industry and natural medicine they are! There is a direct and positive correlation as they say in statistics! More about them later.

Next, the enforcers of the new law can charge Carters’ FDA chief for allowing the arthritis drug Oraflex to be sold in the US after the clinical trials for it in England killed over 460 people! The good point of that was that ignoring those victims enabled the drug company to make their Research and Development money back. The bad point: the drug killed 1600 Americans in the process. Next, they'll give him a side trial for taking the Tuberculosis (BCG) inoculation off the US market. As a naturopath I’m not supposed to like inoculations but the BCG jab was the strongest immune system strengthener in the world. Period. The pharmaceutical companies wanted it gone because they wanted people to get sicker than they were up to that time in the late 70’s. Countries who still do the BCG injection have populations with stronger immune systems than we have here in the US. America has become considerably sicker now than we were back 30 years ago. That point cannot be argued.

The heaviest charges will go against Clinton's FDA head for conveniently losing the 1993 UK studies on Prozac that showed the drug caused teens and kids to go into flamingly aggressive behavior and sometimes kill themselves! These studies came to light again in 2005 with the former FDA head claiming never to have seen or known of them. Mind you in 1993 this lowly naturopath read a journal article commenting on the tendency to mania (uncontrolled violent behavior), and suicide that those studies showed. How could I know and the chief of FDA not know? The major legal question is: will he be tried individually for each kid whose killed himself or others since being on Prozac? Or, will he be tried for mass murder for every kid on Prozac whose killed himself and every kid killed in Prozac related school violence from Columbine to the Univ. of Virginia? The judges and prosecutors will have to work that one out.

Most everyone in any position of influence in FDA came there from the drug companies and when they leave FDA they go back to working for the drug firms. Congressional watchdog committees have commented on this but have done nothing about it because the legal drug cartels are super major contributors to political campaigns and have most all politicos on both sides of the isle in their pockets. Pfizer can be accused of paying off Clinton's FDA chief to look the other way on Prozac by giving him a 7 figure salary for merely advising (i.e. doing nothing) and Pfizer got him the job as the president of Yale Med school. Not a bad deal, (for him).

As this rotten bunch of professional beaurocrats and politicos get strapped onto the execution tables and injected to death, (can we use their own companies drugs to execute them?), there won’t be a soul outside the prison gates lamenting their passing or asking for leniency. And, more importantly, the current crop of beaurocrats will be much more interested in the public safety than increasing their opulent lifestyle at the cost of public suffering. After they clean-up the FDA, then they can sick the new law on the congress critters! Ah, aren’t dreams wonderful!

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