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The World's Leading Cause of Death
By William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

This is not an article on a disease but rather on a deadly philosophy. While atheistic pundits love to say that the leading cause of war and death in the world has been religion, the truth needs to be pointed out that the leading cause of death in the world has been the inability of people to defend themselves against tyrants and totalitarian governments, mostly of the ideological left. Communism itself has killed more humans than all of religious wars in history combined including counting the wholesale slaughter of Hindus in the millions by the non-violent Moslems in their 15th century invasion of India. For those on the left who will argue that Hitler, a right wing fascist, was the greatest mass murderer in history, they conveniently ignore several facts:

1) Hitler was the leader of the National SOCIALIST Workers Party, and as such his movement was not right wing.

2) Stalin purges killed more citizens of the USSR than Hitler's invasion and war. 33+ million to 20 million!

3) But both those numbers pale to Mao and the 60 + million figure he directly killed during his revolution and subsequent “Liquidation of the Middle and Upper Classes”, the programmed famines of his many 5 year plans and the utter madness of his Cultural Revolution.

4) But the unifying fact of all those, and indeed all instances of mass murder and genocide, is that the offender has first disarmed the target population using the excuse of fighting crime, war, protecting children or some other “warm fuzzy” excuse. This fact is irrefutable.

The chart attached below courtesy of the JPFO, is conservative in its numbers of dead when compared to certain historians and the historical record give to the US congress in the 1960’s. But it gives an excellent account of why the major cause of death in the world is a disarmed population!


Genocide - Chart




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