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Benefits & Safety Of Using Natural Progesterone

While natural progesterone has been referred to as a progestin because it maintains the lining of the uterus, it is technically separate and totally different from synthetic progestins. In addition, natural progesterone provides a number of biological actions which progestins do not. Some additional benefits reported with the use of natural progesterone include:

  • reduces joint pain and swelling
  • enhances skin moisture
  • fades liver spots
  • heals wounds faster
  • reduces yeast infections
  • supports the immune system
  • protects against the side effects of unopposed estrogen
  • tranquilizes
  • promotes sleep

Therapeutic Applications of Natural Progesterone

In fact, there are many therapeutic uses for progesterone that promote health and well-being. Here is a short list of some of those benefits:

  • helps to prevent osteoporosis, the formation of fibrocystic breasts, and breast cancer
  • normalizes zinc and copper levels and maintains the secretory endometrium
  • contributes to regulating the thyroid gland and blood clotting mechanisms
  • acts as an antidepressant and precursor to corticosterones
  • necessary for the proper production of adrenal hormones
  • works to stabilize blood sugar and prevent salt retention
  • enhances libido and thermogenesis (the burning of fat)
  • protects the uterus and breasts from malignancies
  • aids the survival and development of the fetus
  • has a natural diuretic action
  • is very hydrating to the skin in transdermal form

Safety of Natural Progesterone

Natural progesterone is one of the safest supplements available. In contrast to synthetic progestins, it has little or not side effects. Some women may experience an estrogen reaction upon first introducing natural progesterone to their system, and in these cases, estrogen-related symptoms may temporarily become worse. If this occurs, natural progesterone should be continued or dosages adjusted until hormonal balance is achieved. Incidental spotting between periods also may occur but is usually resolved within three to five cycles. The use of natural progesterone has not been linked to any form of human cancers.

There is no known interference or alteration from combining natural progesterone with other drugs. No adverse effects of natural progesterone have been reported on the developing fetus of pregnant women, unlike its synthetic counterparts, however its use in pregnant or nursing mothers has not been clinically documented.

Article from, The Natural and Safe Way to Hormonal Balance, by
Rita Elkins M.H.


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