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Petro Chemicals and Hormones or Parasites, Pick Your Poison!
Or: Organic vs. Non-Organic Foods.

By: William Wong ND, PhD. Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame

We’ve all heard the litany of why we should not eat non-organic fruit, veggies or meat. And yes the research is compelling and though wildly speculative in the nature of the dire predictions of what will happen when you eat the stuff, no one so far is telling the other side of the coin - the down side of eating organic fruits and veggies. You mean you did not know there was a down side (more like a hidden dark side) to organic produce? Well let’s let the cat out of the bag and provide a non-fanatical assessment of what possible poisons are in organic vs non organic foods and let people choose which poisons they are going to allow into their bodies.

Non organic produce:
Toxins has here are mostly petro chemical based pesticides. These act in several ways in the human system. Firstly they act as an estrogen. All organo phosphate agra chemicals from bug spray to fertilizers are highly estrogenic. Estrogen can cause cancer, fibrosis diseases such as but not limited to Uterine Fibroids, Fibrocystic Breast disease etc. infertility, miscarriage, and reproductive organ malformations. Not to mention making both sexes cranky and fat. Next and most important - all present pesticides are variants of World War 2 German nerve gas! But you did not know that! If the crop duster dropped it load on top of a person they would die. Crop dusting pilots in Africa would use this dumping technique on the various “rebels” and bandits who would attempt to shoot them down in the 1970’s and 80’s. Being these are fat soluble toxins they build in the liver and our fat cells. If exposure is sufficient enough they can reach toxic levels making folks sick, as we’ve seen with people who live by agricultural fields and golf courses.

Non Organic Meat:
Hormones and anti biotics. Let’s touch on the hormones first. Estrogen (again) is given to cows to fatten them up. Bovine Growth Hormone is given to increase their growth and prolactin is administered to lactating cows to help produce more milk. The danger of estrogen has already been touched on. Bovine growth hormone the “experts” say can increase the rates of cancer. And the prolactin will counter dopamine and possibly lead to depression, pituitary tumors or even Parkinson’s. Antibiotics given to fight disease can get human bacteria to the meds rendering them less effective when the need to use them arises. It has also been argued that there is s sufficient amount of antibiotic in milk products and meat to kill off good bacteria in our intestines.

Has all of the hormones listed above for the meat.

Now let’s cover the down side of organic produce:
Parasites. When no pesticides are used to control bugs the critters get to lay eggs onto or into the produce. These microscopic eggs can stick to the surface of or can be laid deeper in the interior of the fruit so no matter how well you wash the produce they remain alive inside. If the eggs have already hatched on fruit then the larvae usually borough deeper into the pulp. Next we have the fact that much of the US’s organic produce comes from Mexico. In both Mexico and Canada untreated human feces (read people poop) is allowed to be used to fertilize the produce along side the cow, sheep, chicken and bat poop most often used. Any parasites and bacteria the locals are hosting can and do find their way onto and into the produce. Yum! Now before you one world socialists get all bent out of shape and tell me that I’m fostering ethnic stereo types, let this American of Chinese and Cuban ancestry remind you simpletons that there is an whole branch of Medicine called Tropical Medicine that deals entirely with the parasites and bugs that live in people between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. These infections are found no where else on the planet - that is until now.

From the 1960’s onward Western medicine stopped testing its citizens for parasites almost entirely because these life forms became very low on the list of disease causes. Prior to that GP’s urges parents to bring in a stool sample from themselves and their kids every year to have a look see for these buggers. Usually the only folks to have parasites after the ‘60’s were cat owners! Immigration, air travel, tourism and importation of foods from tropical areas have brought back the parasites to the point where docs should once again require a stool sample from their patients every year to test for parasites.

The downside of organic meat:
No downside that has been found.

So, how do we decide what nasties to throw down our gullet? Well let’s look beyond the radical claims against each type of food and see how much of a danger each really is.

Petrochemicals and organo phosphate chemicals. Washing is not totally effective in removing the toxins as being oily in nature these chemicals can easily penetrate into the fruit or leaf structure of the veggie and remain despite washing. Up to recently there was no medial way to remove these toxins from their storage in the liver and fat cells of the body. They just stayed and accumulated there for years developing deeper and more serious diseases. These chemicals are usually not degraded fully via cooking. SInce much in the way for green veggies and fruit is eaten uncooked the full load of whatever chemical is on the fruit is taken into the body.

Now we come to how natural medicine deals with these toxins: Chlorella and zeolite. These both can bond onto pesticides and other petrochemicals here to fore untouchable and drag them out of the body. One zeolite company even provides an urine assay test to show the stuff that is coming out. Chlorella and zeolite also removes heavy metals. Doses of each need to be high when taken for the purposes of detoxing: up to 30 Chlorella tablets daily and 15 to 20 drops of the zeolite in water 3 to 4 times daily. Expect the process to take from a few weeks to some months depending on the degree of the toxicity but very good results can be had without great effort or expense. This detoxification process can be sped along by the use of colon hydrotherapy and IV ozone treatments. But if done all by their lonesome, the chloral and zeolite will work, it will just take a bit longer. One word of warning: the detoxification process especially at the beginning is not pleasant, the runs, super foul smelling urine and feces can be expected. Hang in there and it will all come out leaving you feeling great and clean on the insides. Also, since a good bit of body fat held on a person is directly related to the storage of toxins, when the toxins are gone, the body fat usually disappears as well since there is no need for it function anymore. (FOr weight loss thru detoxing see the book by Dr. Linda Page on that subject).

Meat and milk hormones. Alas here is where the anti meat and milk crowd fudge their facts. their agenda is really to make everyone a vegetarian because they don’t want you seeing Bessy the cow or Peter the pig as food. Animals they say, should be free to roam the earth and not kept confined awaiting their moment of execution in fear! Gag! First off, animal hormones degrade (lose their structure and ability to work) in 5 min. or less at temperatures above 58 to 67 degrees C (136 to 152 degrees F). the higher the temp the faster the degradation. Unless you are eating steak tartar, you are going to be cooking your meat for more than 5 minuets at temperatures above 200 degrees F (93 degrees C). So bye bye hormones, they are no longer a problem. And by the way, since one of the arguments the animal rights folks give against meat is that animals are filled with parasites (which is true) it should be noted that those buggers can't live at those temperatures either! The only flesh eaters who get parasites from their meat are the raw food and sushi eating folks.

As to milk, Pasteurization, though much criticized in the natural health community, occurs between 63C (for 30 min.), or 72C (for 16 seconds) or 138C (for 2 seconds). Temperature and time enough at temperature to denature hormones.

One comment must be made on Bovine Growth Hormone. Most all of the hormones of the larger mammals are interchangeable and nearly identical. So, pig hormones (which are the closest thing to bio identical human hormones) can have an effect on cows, deer man etc. and vise a versa. So let us for the sake of argument make the statement that Human and Bovine Growth Hormone as nearly identical, which is what the animal rights people are saying. The anti meat folks have been railing against Bovine Growth Hormone and its potential for causing cancer. We have heard the same song and dance from the orthodox MD’s in their fight against the Anti aging MD’s and DO’s using Human Growth Hormone and IGF1. The folks who say the stuff might cause cancer can point to no statistics to show a rise in CA among those who the anti aging docs use the hormone on and, they can point to no spike in CA the general population directly attributable to drinking milk or eating meat. While they have tied to contrive junk studies to prove that very point the work has not been conclusive. The study conclusions have all been very “spun” to make the desired points even though the data did not support the conclusions.

BUT on the other side, the anti aging docs have been doing their work now for two decades. Time enough to see trends in disease. Anti aging patients in the last 20 years have not demonstrated more of a tendency to get cancer than the general population. If an in-depth study of them were done I would bet money that their rate of getting CA was lower than the general population. This is what the clinical experience has found and for those of you who know my work you know that I put a lot more stock in the “Observed Reality of Clinical Experience” than in any easily spun study funded by suspicious people with hidden agendas! Clinical experience is what’s really happening. Many medical studies these days are conjecture at best and outright deception at worst! One final capper to this subject: anti cancer doctors, Oncologist's, use IGF 1 (the active product of Human Growth Hormone) to fight cancer! That says it all!

As to the antibiotics, not much survives pasteurization and cooking either. So case closed on that.

Now we get to the living things dwelling in organic produce. A very dear friend of mine, Dr. Al Cilella MD is a board certified Pediatrician, and Thoracic specialist. In his 40+ years of medical practice he has worked in big cities and been the only doc in small towns. He has worked on Indian reservation hospitals and major teaching hospitals. His clinical experience is wide, varied and extensive. Dr. Cilella told me that most of the folks in natural health expect meat eaters to have a high parasite load. He said testing has never found that to be the case. The highest parasite loads, loads sufficient to cause serious disease have been limited to vegetarians! And, the worst parasite loads among vegetarians, he related, were had by the raw foods eaters! Given what we learned about the way bugs borough their way into produce, that observation makes perfect sense. So what can be done to reduce the parasite load of produce? Dr. Cilella tells patients to soak all produce for 20 to 30 min. in a deep salad bowl of water to which 2 or 3 ounces of food grade peroxide has been added. This will kill the eggs, larvae and poop borne bacteria on the outside of the produce. Remember the e coli deaths in ‘06 from organic spinach grown in California? E coli is the main infectious agent found in human poop! Those infections would not have happened if the spinach would have been treated through soaking as Dr. C has recommended.

But, the problem is that that soaking only gets the stuff on the outside and does nothing for the worms, bugs and bacteria waiting for you on the inside of your fruits and veggies. Cooking is the answer here. And, yes I know that this puts a real kink in the enjoyment of raw salad but think of the alternative.

In the offices of a nutritional company I know of, an informal test of a new product was going on that made the sales folks believe the new product was somehow defective. They had developed and packaged a way to test for parasites from a urine sample. And, would you believe it, all of the vegetarians tested with high levels of infection while the meat eaters were low or tested negative. This went against the grain of the conventional wisdom told in health food circles. The test had to be wrong or the product defective. Then they heard of Dr. Cilella’s findings. The vegetarians were crushed! This firm also has a product they say kills a good many of the parasites.

How does one get rid of parasites once they have set up shop in us. Dr. Hulda Clark’s work deals with this matter in great length, but natural docs who have applied the methods have told me the techniques don’t work quite as well as she has thought.

Colonic irrigation with enzymes removes a good many of the parasites found in the intestines. Healing Waters in Lost Wages oh sorry Las Vegas, is likely one of the best spots to have the enzyme enhanced colon hydrotherapy done. The piping to the irrigation machines is clear and you can see what is coming out. They will even hand you a tupperware container as you leave with the parasites they’ve filtered out of your water. But that still leaves parasites in your blood, liver, heart possibly if you also handle kitty litter maybe even you eyes. What to do, what to do.

Here we have systemic enzymes come to the rescue. The enzymes will eat exogenous proteins, proteins not a part of you, from most all of those places and fluids. It may take some time, but as one vet studying cat heart worms vs systemic enzymes found the enzymes ate away the worms with out side effect to the cat.

Here I have to say that orthodox medicine also has ways to deal with parasites. Most anti parasite drugs are like the cat heart worm medicine, more than just a little toxic in its own right and maybe as likely to kill the host as to kill what’s living inside him. It must be said that some parasites need surgery for removal. Nothing natural is going to take out a tape worm multiple feet in length from your innards (the longest one on record was 60 feet long). Someone with a mask and a scalpel is going to have that disgusting job.

So again we come to the choice of what to be poisoned with when we eat. For me I’ll have my prime rib organic or in organic , with stewed apples chased down with a glass of goats milk! These days it is easier to get rig of the petrochemicals than the parasites. And remember, don’t worry about all those bad hormones in cooked meat and pasteurized milk, they're dead! While the 3 to 5 birth control pills worth of estrogen in your soy milk, miso, tofu and flax oil are very much alive.



  • Strong Chlorella
  • Zeolite
  • Parasite Test via Urine
  • Parasite Research Test Kit: will find if you have parasites. Won’t tell you what type you have but will tell you if you have them. DE and kills eggs.
  • Para Tox DE and kills eggs.
  • Systemic Enzymes;


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