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Pain, Depression and the Lack of Orgasms!
By William Wong ND, PhD.
There is one very precious hormone that is the worlds strongest non-opiate pain killer. This same hormone is wildly anti-depressant and not only promotes a great sense of well-being but it also promotes closeness, trust and a bond between people. That’s the good news. The bad news is that this hormone most times is as rare as rocking horse doo-doo. Women secrete a ton of it during child birth. Firstly to cause uterine contractions. But, it’s the reason why labor pains are not remembered as soon as the child is born. It’s also secreted during breast feeding, inducing the contractions that eject the milk, return the uterus to a small size and also bonds the mother mentally to the child. Most importantly for men and women it is the hormone of orgasm and aside from the pleasure, after glow and warm fuzzies it gives, the purpose of the hormone is to bond the lovers together. It’s lack as couples age, is one of the reasons this bond falls apart. The hormone is oxytocin and it is primarily excreted during orgasm. Now oxytocin release during orgasm, breast feeding or child birth also cause the brain to create the neuro transmitter Phenyl Ethyl Amine (PEA). This brain chemical is the one that creates love. When we’re in love, depression seems far away, the world is bright and we are happy. When we fall out of love our brains stop making PEA and we crave it. Crave it so that we often go on the rebound seeking another one to love. Crave it so that we usually binge on the only edible source of PEA, chocolate. Now there’s not a lot of PEA in chocolate so we have to eat a lot to make up for what the brain is no longer making on it’s own. Most of us are dreadfully low on oxytocin and PEA due to having a deficiency of orgasms!

Do you have an Orgasm deficiency? Don’t know? Here are some ways to tell you are:
1) Moody and depressed more of the time than you are happy or contented?
2) Don’t feel as “connected” with your mate as you did when you first got together?
3) Have you and your mate lost some of your sexual intimacy and closeness?
4) Do you suffer from frequent or chronic pain anywhere?

If you answered yes to one of the above questions chances are you’re not having enough orgasms to change your mental chemistry to the positive. If you answered yes to more than one, you definitely are not having enough orgasms!

Up to now depression has been blamed on the lack of the brain chemical serotonin and up to a point this is true. Serotonin is created from tryptophan, it is also created from melatonin after exposure to sunlight. Melatonin is what tans your skin. It is a very strong brain chemical causing relaxation, fighting depression and helping induce sleep. Melatonin is why most of us felt so good during our summer days at the beach! But we’ve seen now after more than a decade of tryptophan / 5HTP supplementation and then the use of serotonin sparing drugs, that serotonin is not the do all end all in the world of anti-depressants. And while elevated serotonin levels do improve mood they don’t do much to give one that sense of well-being and internal happiness that Oxytocin and PEA do. Compare the mellow glow of having spent a day on the beach with the uplifting warm happiness of being in love - it’s no contest!

There is a nasty hormone that keeps your oxytocin level down, it’s called prolactin. Prolactin is the hormone that causes women to make milk and oxytocin is the hormone that causes the milk to “eject”. Prolactin is the hormone that keeps women from becoming pregnant during breast-feeding mainly by keeping testosterone down, estrogen up and thereby killing libido. (Estrogen is THE birth control - infertility hormone). Problem is, when breast feeding time is over many women maintain a high level of prolactin which will suppress the making of oxytocin. Another bad thing about prolactin - having too much of it in the wrong times can produce a pituitary tumor! Even men have prolactin, though what function it has in us we don’t know but we do know it is involved in causing pituitary cancer and will stifle our production of testosterone, oxytocin and will lower our libido.

Prolactin levels can be checked medically through blood tests. And the cure is a medication used in the States for Parkinson’s patients but in Europe it is used as a brain boosting smart drug. The medication is called Parlodel (or Bromocryptine). Taken last thing at night before bed its use controls and shrinks Prolactin driven brain tumors. For folks high in Prolactin without brain tumors, Parlodel lowers Prolactin levels and improves the libido and passion by increasing L Dopa levels in the brain, which in turn can increase the production of Testosterone via the secondary mechanism of sexual stimulation. (This secondary path way is the reason why most men and some women are randy after viewing porn. The sexual stimulation produces luteinizing hormone which in turn tells the testes in men and the adrenals in women to make more Testosterone). Higher Testosterone levels in their turn increase libido, passion and improve mood. Testosterone has been shown in independent medical research to be a stronger anti-depressant than Prozac!

OK, so how do you go about increasing oxytocin? Well that‘s easy, have more orgasms? But wait, you might want to actually have sex before that. Don’t want to have sex? Ah! That shows a lack of Testosterone, something most men post 35 and most gals post 30 or post their first child have. (Men 40-45 and over have more estrogen floating round their veins than their wives do. That’s death to sexual function)! In men, lack of Testosterone will produce impotency and a lack of libido that is incurable even by a boat load of Viagra. In women the lack of Testosterone also produces lack of libido, lack of passion, and lack of appreciation for the sex act. In other words - lack of orgasm! To put a simple truth into simple words, “It’s best to be horny if you really want to come”. Though orgasms can be wrung out of non passionate women, (usually by a very good lover or by mechanical means) its a lot easier to orgasm if a gal is desirous of love making.

So first we need to cure the low Testosterone. In this we’ve been hampered by congress and the FDA. Paternalistic government has seen fit to limit our freedom of choice. The only way to increase testosterone with out resorting to MD’s used to be Androstenedione. The 4 Andro and 17 Dione versions of the substance worked like a charm to become testosterone in the body. So what if athletes used it to enhance their athletic performance. How do you think every sports record since 1968 has been broken! Most experienced exercise physiologists will tell you that human sports performance topped off somewhere between the 1968 and 1972 Olympics and that all the records after that have been broken by the extra juice added by the Testosterone like or growth hormone like drugs or supplements. (It was the East German Olympic teams who first used the Andro in the ‘70s)! The Atlanta Olympics were nicknamed the Growth Hormone Games by the Olympians themselves! Sports fans want to see records broken and see yet undone feats of athletic performance. Without the drugs get ready for it to be the 1950’s and 1960’s all over again and forever in sports. I don’t mind but the buying public and sports promoters and maybe even congress will get awfully bored after a decade or two of no new world records anywhere. (Except by those countries still looking the other way at the use of drugs or encouraging it! Seen any Americans, Germans or Russians at the medal podiums in Olympic Lifting, Shot Putting or Discus lately? In the last 15 years? Nope the strongest men in the world now are from Iran, China and Turkey. Wonder if they badger their athletes about drug use)? But I’m getting off the subject so I’ll get off my soap box and stop preaching.

The only way to really increase Testosterone levels is to see your MD or DO (one who is into alternative medicine or anti-aging medicine) and getting either the testosterone shots, gels or implants. For both guys and gals, medical natural testosterone is the fast track to sexual desire, sexual ability and passion as well as better bone density and muscle mass. Don’t believe all the propaganda about Testosterone being carcinogenic. Natural testosterone is extremely safe unless you have a primary prostate tumor. (The first time a man gets prostate cancer the thing is driven by testosterone, the second time the University of Chicago med. school found it is driven by estrogen and testosterone actually shrinks it). The side effects belong to the synthetic Methyl Testosterone and the anabolic steroid drugs (which are not fully testosterone as they have the anabolic [muscle and bone building] effects without the androgenic [sexual] effects).

So that having been said and done. Now how do you increase oxytocin to improve mood, lower pain, relax tension, become closer and more intimate with your lover. Have as many orgasms a day as you can fit. Some folks (ie gals) need only one to feel better. Though as a rule the greater the number of orgasms the lower any pain levels will be and the more contented and un-depressed she will be. Gals we’ve spoken to seem happiest on at least 3 good orgasms daily. Guys are limited in their number of orgasms by the ability to achieve repeated erections. While we are young this is not a problem. But in our estrogen rich world erectile dysfunction is becoming a problem at a younger and younger age. As a sign of how bad things have become, men in their 40’s have higher sperm counts than young men in their 20’s and 30’s due to estrogen exposure through soy baby formula, the amount of prepared foods containing soy, and their near constant exposure to other environmental estrogens such as plastic esters (microwaving in plastic), pesticides and fertilizers. As a help to guys please refer to my articles and upcoming book on male sexual performance to help you have as many erections a day as you may want! As a rule guys should have at least one good orgasm a day, two or more are better!

Don’t have a sexual partner. Don’t let that stop you, masturbate. Gals can use sex toys, and guys, well you know what to do. Now before you religious folks out there start sending me hate e-mail wanting my bishops to defrock me and telling me about the story of Onan, let me give you a different take on that story. For those of you who don’t know the story: It was Jewish tradition to take a brothers wife as ones own if the brother died. Onan's brother kicked the bucket and God told him to take his sister-in-law as his wife and care for her. To show he was not about to take the gal in, as a sign of direct disobedience to God, Onan masturbated and “spilled his seed on the ground. God responded by hitting the moron with a lighting bolt! Did he get the kick in the chops for the act of spilling his seed or the act of disobedience? You tell me. Somewhere around the time of the Great Schism (1044), the limp-wristed alter boy abusers in the Western Christian church decided Onan got blasted for masturbation. These folks had their minds stuck on sex! The Eastern church with its normal (i.e. married) priests never had this interpretation of scripture. Unfortunately this interpretation has been passed on from the Roman church to the Protestant churches.

In the 1980’s I met an ordained baptist preacher in South Carolina who told me incest was not a sin while masturbation would surely send you to hell! How on earth was that I asked!? Well, he answered, God killed Onan for masturbating while Lot impregnated both is daughters and was favored by God. I’m not kidding, this fellow, who was a cop besides, really believed this! I felt very sorry for this man’s daughters.

So, getting back to the subject; if you don’t have a partner and need the stress relief, the pain relief and the mood elevation, until you find yourself a partner to play with - masturbate to your hearts content!

Oxytocin is the main happiness hormone and until they bottle the stuff (which drugs companies are trying to do even as you read this), remember that you have the mechanism within you to make gobs and gobs of oxytocin.

As for the PEA, hopefully all the oxytocin releases with your mate will improve your intimacy and relationship increasing you PEA and the love you feel for each other. Remember it was sexual intimacy or the promise thereof that made you have PEA releases to begin with! Aside from that a good strong cup of plain regular cocoa has a good level of PEA in it. That can do for starters until you get the fires burning in your relationship again! Happy lovemaking!!!



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