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Building Strong Healthy Babies
By: William Wong ND, PhD. Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame


One of the things that make newborns so cute is the fact that their heads are slightly larger in proportion to their bodies than a adult head would be to its body. This is normal showing the emphasis of growth in the bodies control center. But with malnourished women, (gals who try to keep their weight down during pregnancy and gals who have followed the blanket prescription against eating fats) we see kids, newborns and toddlers with what seem to be super huge heads atop small frail and emaciated bodies. This malformation occurs when the mom is not taking in enough nutrition and the developing fetus has to decide to emphasize the building of the most important part of itself: the brain and head over the rest of the body. These kids have heads so large with bodies so small that they remind me of the cartoon rendition of the skinny space alien with the super big head!

Women used to care about building their babies over maintaining their figures. But now the dictates of fashion and the mental disease of anorexia take precedence over the building of a healthy child. One gal told me some years ago that she was getting all the nutrition she needed in her prescription pregnancy vitamin! She miscarried in month #8 with a terribly disfigured child as she wasn't taking enough nutrition to fully build a child and she had little muscle, mineral and fat stores inside herself for the baby to take nutrition from.

The dictates of society have become so bad that now women are urged to have low birth weight babies! Something unheard of 30 year ago. Birth weight is the most important factor in determining the health, vitality and survivability of a child! Saying 5 pound babies are perfect is like saying getting a car with out all of it’s accessories built in and working is also okay! It is not. Docs are scaring women silly with stories of diabetes during pregnancy and then fooling them by hokey Glucose Tolerance Tests, that the rest of the nutritional world threw out as highly invalid 30 years ago. Dr. Carlton Fredricks wrote, at length, about the lack of validity and proper physiological rational for glucose tolerance testing. He warned, as well, of the side effects; from temporary blindness to psychosis that could be produced by the test. Today no serious alternative MD, ND or nutritionist uses or recommends these tests! Any healthy, non-soda guzzling gal who starves herself for 12 hours then takes in an amount of sugar equivalent to 4 liters of soda is going to have a skyrocket increase in blood sugar regardless of how non-diabetic she really is!!!

One super important fact every doctor has forgotten or was not taught: the brain and nerves are 70% fat. Everything we think with is a fat (lipid), neurotransmitters are fats bonded onto amino acids, memories are fats bonded onto proteins. ADD and ADHD did not exist before the advent of low fat diets!!! To build baby brains and nerves a steady supply of high quality fat (i.e. mono and saturated fats) needs to be available. Forget your cholesterol count! Don’t depend on polyunsaturated crap the docs have been pushing since the beginning of the anti-cholesterol medical fad! Lowering cholesterol has not lowered the rate of heart disease one whit, it’s just as bad a killer as it was in 1966 when the fad started and all we have to show for it is ADD, ADHD and a monumental increase in what used to be a super rare disease called Alzheimer's! Those who went to med school before 1975 or so were taught that they would likely never see an Alzheimer's patient in 20 year of practice because there were only 4 patients per every 1 million people. Studies done in the 1920's through the 1940's (and still available on Pub Med) , showed that polyunsaturated fats destroyed brain cells and caused brain damage--- and so they have with Alzheimer’s now being almost epidemic in those over 60, and in kids who are suffering from something never before seen in medicine: ADD!

Dr. Wong’s nutritional suggestions for building strong healthy babies:

  1. Cook with coconut oil.
  2. Eat 2 to 3 tablespoon's of real olive oil (Dr. Braggs) daily on food or straight up!
  3. Protein: 1 gram per every 2 pounds of your body weight. Or as Austrian Trained OBGYN the late Dr. William Wolfgang Stein used to preach 1/4 to 1/2 pound of red meat must be eaten daily.
  4. SSS Iron Tonic: one tablespoon daily. SSS is infinitely better absorbed and faster acting than any prescription or health food store iron pill and it will not constipate as iron pills will.
  5. Zinc Citrate: 100 mg daily for baby skin, eyes internal organs.
  6. Folic Acid: 800 mcg to 3000 mcg. For building baby brains, spinal chords and nerves as well as to lower morning sickness.
  7. Calcium: 900 mg daily
  8. Magnesium: 1000 mg daily

If miscarriage is a danger read the article Increasing Fertility and Maintaining Pregnancy in the health articles archives.


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