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To Vit. E or not to Vit. E, From Fertility to Infertility!
By William Wong ND, PhD, Member World Sports Medicine Hall of Fame


My wife Michele and I have encountered several interesting developments in our search for a Vit. E without estrogen. Michele, (who has done all of the searching, questioning and going back and forth with several vitamin makers) has discovered that even among the synthetics and the non-estrogen Vit. E’s, soy oil is added to them to act as a flowing agent or to just plain fill the capsule! Soy isoflavones are estrogen. So they work at taking the estrogen out of the soy oil they make Vit. E from only to put the isoflavones back into what constitutes 1/3 of the product? Does that make sense?

We thought it would be easy to tell the estrogen containing Vit. E from the non-estrogen Vit. E by the ending of the name Tocopheryl. If the word ends in “yl” the E contains estrogen. If it ends in “ol” it does not. Things turned out not to be that simple. Seems the packagers of the ‘”ol” Vit. E add soy oil to their product when encapsulating!

Why the fuss? It’s easy to understand once you know some facts... According to the late Dr. Thomas Cureton, of the Univ. of Southern Illinois and the first researcher on the nutrient, Vitamin E is ESSENTIAL to sexual function and reproduction. Lately, studies have found that the latest soy versions of Vit. E, contain isoflavones (which ar estrogen), and reduce testosterone levels in men. If it does this in men it will also happen in women; testosterone is ESSENTIAL to sexual function and reproduction in both sexes. Estrogen produces infertility (the Pill for example is estrogen or an estrogen progesterone hybrid). So in essence, the soy industry (i.e. Monsanto and ADM) with its cheap and readily available products, has turned an "essential for fertility" nutrient into a tool of infertility!

Way back when, in my youth, (when they still gave out Merit Badges for Dragon Slaying), all Vit. E was made from COLD Pressed wheat germ oil - golden goodness and no ESTROGEN! Taking it instantly improved both sexual function, libido and the bodies energy and endurance. E does not do so today!

One company touting the fact that their Vit. E has been de-estrified (had the estrogen taken out of it) adds back soy oil to the capsule thereby undoing what they’ve done to take the estrogen out!!! Does that sound smart to you? Here is an example of the back and fourth between Michele and this firm:

4 Jan 07

Michele: Hi ---:

How are you?  Hope you had a Happy Holiday Season!

I just received --- new catalog of products and had a couple of questions about some of the products mentioned........

2) E-400 IU mixed Tocopherols / unesterified - What is the source of the vitamin e in this product?  

Answer: Soy. 

Thank you for your time.


10 Jan. 07

Michele: Hi ---:

I have just one more question about the Vitamin E:  On the unesterified Vitamin E products, do you know if Soy oil is added back as a base for the Vitamin E?

Thank you.  Be well,

11 Jan 07

Answer: Michele
Here is the answer I got back from our nutritionist.  Unfortunately it's not as technical as they would have liked, we haven't got a response back from our vendor.  I believe the Vitamin E fills up about 70% of the softgel, the soybean oil is the rest.  Thanks
Hello ---,
Yes as it is required as an excipeient to completely fill the capsule. Only small amounts need to be used.

11 Jan 07

Michele: Hi ---:

Okay.  Thank you for checking.  I have to admit that I'm surprised that they would take an unesterified product and add estrogen back to it.   We have been looking for an E without estrogen and adding the soybean oil just adds all the estrogen right back into the capsules.  And, 30% of the capsule sure sounds like an awful lot also.  Because of the soybean oil being added back, we would not be interested in private labeling this E.  But I do appreciate your checking into it for me.

Be well.

11 Jan 07

Answer: Michele
Let me ask them again about this.  Maybe they have some information about estrogen levels in this or any of our other Vit E products.

11 Jan 07

Michele: Hi ---:

I appreciate your checking on this for me but I am fairly confident that Dr. Wong will not be interested just because of the Soybean oil being used as an excipeient as Dr. Wong is completely anti-soy.  It's been hard enough to have him consider a Vitamin E from soy - but taking out the estrogens is the only plus.  And, I've already checked with your sales staff about the other Vit E products and they are all derived from soy and in a base of Vegetable oil which is also Soybean oil.  If I may, however, suggest using olive oil or some other non-soy oil as a filler in your unesterified Vitamin E product because estrogen is estrogen (isoflavones and lignans) and your unesterified E may be unesterified but the Vitamin E pill is no longer unesterified because they add soybean oil to it.  Some of your customers may even feel like they are being misled if they are buying the product because the estrogen has been removed and then find out it's being put back in at any level.... just a thought.

Thanks again so much for your help.

Be well.

12 Jan 07

Answer: Michele
Below is a response from the quality dept.  Let me know how you want to proceed:
Hello ---,
All natural Vitamin E is Soy derived and in our case highly purified. Phytoestrogens such as the Isoflavones, though not tested for, would be expected to have negligible if not zero presence. Our (******) and (*********) products use highly concentrated sources with rice bran oil rather than soy used as an excipient. Some such as the dry form may have less residual soybean as well. They may prefer these.

12 Jan 07

Michele: Hi ---:

It's great that you have E products with a rice bran oil excipient.  And the comment about the Vitamin E being highly purified and therefore virtually zero Isoflavones is interesting.  The "claim" from all producers of unesterified Vitamin E products is the same.  However, my issue is in the adding of the Soybean oil. So, the Vitamin E is virtually estrogen free but soy is a known estrogenic product chocked full of Isoflavones - so when the soy oil is added back (at any level) it is no longer an estrogen free or negligible product.  Unfortunately, I disagree with your Quality, Science & Nutrition Group on this point when looking at the product as a whole. 

As for the other products they mentioned, after checking your website the Vitamin E source is Soy and they are not unesterified products.  It would have been interesting to have added the soybean oil to the esterified Vitamin E products and added the rice bran oil to the unesterified product thereby making a truly superior unesterified Vitamin E.

Again, I appreciate your search to find a product to fill our needs.  However, for as much as we may like the (*****) quality we will continue to look for a truly unesterified Vitamin E product.

Thank you,  Be well,

I bet the folks at this company hadn't given a thought to the fact that the Vit. E they were touting as having had all of the estrogen taken out of it for the sake of consumer demand, was in fact estrogenated! The snippiness in the tone had from their research dept. in the latter E-mails I think shows that they were caught unawares! How can a company of this size and fame be so out of the loop on estrogen and its facts that they go to the trouble to find a de-isoflavoned Vit. E only to be stupid enough to put back in what they took out!!!

If you’re an Eco Yuppie and cling to the myth of world overpopulation, then by all means keep your genes to yourself and partake greatly of the esterified Vit. E., and indeed of all soy and flax based products. But, if you are aware of the falling population numbers, the great decrease in fertility of both men and women worldwide and this worries you; if you want to have kids or if you just want to be able to have good libido and make love, stay away from anything with soy, isoflavones, lignans and scream like hell for folks to make a completely de-estrified Vit. E product.

To somebody out there - Let’s make Vit. E from wheat germ oil once again and completely leave the soy, flax, sesame isoflavones and lignans out! Let’s make E fertile ground again! Until then I think I’ll stick to the wheat germ oil by the tablespoon (yuck)!.

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