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Words of Warning...
By: Rev. William Wong ND. PhD.


As I’ve noted on some of my radio shows I am very naive. As a child I led a rather sheltered life (as sheltered as you can get in Brooklyn), went to a strict parochial school where we actually learned stuff in contrast to the public school kids 3 blocks away who by 6th grade had heroin injection track marks down their arms! Talking straight and not having a devious mind, I behaved much more like a westerner than a north easterner. What does a typical North Easterner act like? Well as a group they most always have soap opera dramas running through their lives along with hidden agendas to complicate their lack of manners! For you North Easterners who’ll tell me I’m wrong , I’ve a question - have you ever lived in real America? No I don’t mean the places North Easterners go to like Florida, Chicago or southern California but real America? And no Gary, New Orleans and Saint Louis don't count. If the answer is no, then you’ve never been out of the soap opera drama that permeates those places; you’ve never known calm)! For you Non Americans looking to visit the US, skip the metro areas and nasty folks of the North East, California and Mid West and seek out the real folks of the American South, the cowboy South West and the Rocky Mountain states. That’s where real America still lives. But not to only bash the North Easterners, I’ve found insincerity in some of the south and in those parts of the west where New York and California refugees have ruined (like Phoenix).

Let me fill you all in on the code words slime balls will use to manipulate you , steal from you and otherwise take your for a “ride”.

Suspicious phrase # 1: Trust me. Trust is implicitly understood in human relationships, (except by Americans in the North East and lawyers everywhere). Anyone who has to ask for your trust is setting you up! Every insincere lover, every con man, every Ponzi scheme, every multi-level marketing company, every politician, fake spiritual guru or preacher asks you to trust them; to suspend your intuitively felt suspicions and believe the lie they need you to believe in order to make you a victim.

All of you doctors in Arizona who paid 5 and 6 digit figures of your hard earned savings into that Pyramid scheme “insurance” policy and are waiting for your turn to be paid from a fund that supposedly started before our founding fathers declared independence from Britain, (yep before there were international banks to hold those supposed funds), yea you fools (excuse me I mean folks)... you know what I mean about “trust me”.

Suspicious phrase # 2: I’m a good Christian! I can’t count how may times folks have said that to me and people I know, in preparation to try to fleece us of money, products, services, customers or other tangibles. In such a story, I know of one man in Arizona who went as far as to study for the priesthood to show his sincerity to two good and gentle bishops before conning out of them of 60 grand of their retirement funds and then abandoning his family and business to bankruptsy while he lived the gay life with his barely legal boyfriend in Ohio! (Are you still daring to say mass Lou?! There’s likely no saving your soul or your ass either. Have fun in hell when you finally get there)! Anyone who is an intrinsically good Christian person demonstrates that through their daily living in everything they do. They are an example and an imitation of the Christ!

For someone to tell you to ignore your gut feeling that they are really slime inside and to have confidence in them because they are a “Good Christian” person is to brag like Jesus never did. Jesus taught much more by example than by word. Most all the folks who’ve told me and mine that they could be trusted (remember suspicious phrase #1) because they were “Good Christians”  (suspicious phrase #2) inevitably never walked the walk when they talked the talk! There will be an especially warm place in hell for those souls!

Remember that statistics tell us that most "born-agains" remain born again for an average of only 2 years before falling into their old wicked ways once more. This goes for the preachers as well as for their flocks. Fallen Christians are always telling those around them what great Christian folks they still are, while living the truth of their lives sub rosa where they think no one will notice! You’ll recall Jim Baker of PTL fame and his hetero and homo sexual exploits, while squandering the hard earned money of his followers or of Jimmy Swaggart’s frequent trysts with a New Orleans lady of the evening while wanting to do her 13 year old daughter! And yes, both of those were forgiven by an equally guilty Oral Roberts who, if you remember back to the 80’s, tried a bit of blackmail by telling his followers that God was going to call him to heaven if he did not come up with several million dollars by such and such a date! Heck if God told me that, I wouldn't tell anyone or try to raise a cent! So again beware of folks proclaiming themselves to be good Christians!

Suspicious phrase #3: I only want to help people. Keep your wallets under lock and key when you hear that one. Again to Christ's example, he never anywhere said he was going to give sight to the blind, make the lame walk, feed the hungry multitudes or raise the dead. But he did and further, Jesus did so with out fanfare before or after! Anyone deliberately saying he or she is out to help folks is a shark willing to invest a dime to get back a dollar. Just in the last two years we heard this one from a fellow we helped to set up in business who has since tried to steal our business and use our good name while doing so. From us to him: “When you say you want to help people, we don’t believe you Chris”.

Suspicious Phrase #4: “I have to be given special consideration because I am the victim of (fill in the blank). Insert a disaster or terrible occurrence of your choice here such as... a heart condition, cancer, the Palestinian Diaspora, the Jewish Holocaust, New Orleans flood, etc. etc. etc. This is an appeal to guilt and any appeal to guilt is a means of manipulation pure and simple. And, manipulation is evil, pure and simple. Folks should act on free will. They should not be coerced into actions they would not usually undertake by reason of browbeating with guilt!

There is one company owner in an industry I’m a part of who makes a good deal of his living by suing other companies over fabricated grievances. Folks settle with him not because he’s right, but to keep themselves from being tied up for years in the courts. This guy always demands special consideration from judges and from opposing lawyers (especially Jewish ones) because of the fact that he is an Orthodox Jew and a supposed survivor of the Holocaust (which he was never actually near). He constantly brow beats everyone around him, people he knows and those he does not, as to why he should be treated special, get special favors and be granted special dispensation over the money and properties of others. Manipulation after manipulation after manipulation. All done for material gain.

Having had a good number of Jews, orthodox and otherwise, as friends (and at one time relatives by marriage), and having known more than a few real holocaust survivors, (the folks with numbers tattooed on their forearms), every one of them was very quiet, (save one gal), most were nice, some were reserved but not a one behaved as does the man in question. It's just like the fake war heroes vs the real ones. You can’t drag a war story out of a real hero with an 8000 pound rated Warn winch, while fake heroes are constantly telling everyone in earshot how they wore this colour beanie and single-handedly won this battle or survived x numbers of secret missions! You won’t find those fakes telling their tales among the American Legion or VFW vets and you likely won’t find that fellow spoken of above lighting candles at home on Friday night! Don’t let manipulators be they strangers or your mother in law run your life!

We are told that the great Chinese philosopher Lao Tze fled to the western mountains of China leaving behind the city throngs because “...he was heartsick at the ways of men”. (See we’re not the only sincere ones to move west)! But before he left, Lao Tze gave man a wonderfully guiding philosophy in his Daoist teachings.

What if in my naiveté I think we can improve the state of man through a philosophy of doing good for its own sake? Could we avoid the manipulations of the evil and misguided? Could we lower their numbers and lessen their effects? The Maharishi Mahesh Yogi taught that if only 3% of the people on the planet begin to behave and believe in a particular manner those ideas and behaviors will be simultaneously adopted throughout mankind. His idea is very much in keeping with the Morphogenic Field theory of Dr. Rupert Sheldrake.

I propose we try to adopt and live the principle of Boulwarism; of doing the right thing in all circumstances not because of punishment if we don’t, not because or reward if we do. But because doing the right thing is the right thing to do. Simple. Doing the right thing due to fear of punishment if you don’t or reward if you do is committing the correct action with an imperfect motivation. And, yes this is the way society controls folks with punishment and rewards. But doing the right thing for its own sake, is acting with perfect motivation, godly motivation. You’ll be acting and existing in a higher spiritual level. Maybe, if 3% of us live this philosophy we can lower the number of nasty people on the planet. Maybe, we can even turn down the drama and soap opera that drives the North East! Maybe, in our way, we can effect a permanent positive change in the world. See I told you I was very naive!

Time to sum up:

In short, be extremely wary of anyone demanding your trust or wearing their religion, disease or mishap on their sleeve.

And let’s put into action the teaching of Jesus’ kid brother in his epistle - James 2:20 and 2:26!

To Read about Boulwarism get the book:
The Truth About Boulwarism: Trying To Do Right Voluntarily available from:
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