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The comments below were sent to Dr. Wong(or verbalized via telephone conversations) from various users of the products and natural health remedies he recommends. They were volunteered by the submitters without any offer of compensation. These opinions are not the opinions of Dr Wong, the website designers, or anyone else associated with the Zymessence™ product.
These results are not typical. Individual results may vary.

Dr. Wong,

I am following up with you as I have previously emailed and mentioned that I would let u know my progress.

I've been using the products that you recommended in Maximum Male Performance for almost 2 weeks. I feel great and feeling better every day. Mood is elevated, increased confidence, morninging erections etc...

I recommeded you and your products to 2 of my life long friends who I weight trained with for years. In fact u spoke to one of them last week, []. He has just placed an order with u.

We are all around the same age 53- 55 years old. We've always taken care of ourselves and with all your information we all learned something new.

Personally I have to thank u as I have my mom on the Zymessence since last Christmas and she is able to walk without any pain.

My Dad has bladder cancer and I also have him on the Zymessence. I will be ordering the Stabilized Oxygen and as I have learned from your podcasts that you don't necessarily have to throw the kitchen sink at CA......

My wife is 47 and I have her on the Zymessence as well.

I used to be a marathon runner but I have changed my thinking because of the Inflamation that it causes.

I've always weight trained (more body building) however I am following your 5 to 7 rep 3 sets principle as you've outlined in Minimilist Strength Training.

Currently I am taking your Zinc Citrate, Maca Root, Vitamin E, Zymessence. Also taking magnesium......

I find your work to be fascinating and look forward to your weekly podcasts... I tell the people that I am closest to about your work.

Thank you,
and best regards,

Ray D.

I have a recent Zymessence success story I would like to share. I was diagnosed with a painful condition known as “frozen shoulder” not too long ago. Anyone reading the medical literature on frozen shoulder will discover that without treatment it normally takes 18 months to resolve on its own, if it resolves at all.

Normally a painful course of physical therapy is required for a number of months in order to help break up the adhesive tissue that is keeping the shoulder immobilized. Sometimes even that does not work, and the person must have a hospital procedure where they are anaesthetized and the arm is yanked straight upwards so the adhesive tissue is literally ripped to shreds. OUCH! And this procedure carries some risk for other injuries to the muscles and tendons in that area.

Well, from start to finish, my case of frozen shoulder resolved itself in only FOUR months – WITHOUT physical therapy or the hospital procedure.

During that whole time, I was taking Zymessence. Thank you, Dr. Wong.

Paul L.
Morrisville, PA

I am on my 2nd bottle of Zymessence and LOVE it. I have MS and Fibromyalgia therefore cannot live without Zymessence for inflammation and immune support! AND, as a bonus it has helped my allergic reactions that I've developed to peanuts and some grains-stopped skin from itching, etc....

Rita B.

PS: Oh, since Zymessence worked so well I am on my first bottle of your Daily Essence and your wife is right!!!

Hey Dr. Wong,

All I have to say is wow, the Andeanessence is the real deal! I took one about 20 minutes before my workout and I have to say I felt like superman the rest of the day. Usually I do chin ups with a 25lb plate in my backpack, this is my second week on that weight and it has been pretty tough. After taking the Andeanessence, I did my usual 25 pounds and it was easy... I could get off 15 chins for the first set (usually can only do 6 or 7). There was no other change in my diet, routine, etc. so I'm pretty amazed. Thanks for making a real kick ass product!

I always appreciate your insight and your hard work, I have recommended Zymessence and a bunch of your other products to friends. Your products are truly the only ones I recommend and for good reason, it is the least I can do to give back for all your great information.


Dr. Wong: We spoke several years ago, and I want you to know that everything you said was absolutely true- it took while to find physicians to help with my low thyroid and adrenal issues. Thanks for your great service and information.


Dear Dr. Wong:
I would like to write e-mail you my testimony. I am 41 yrs old and for 18 years have tried to have a baby. After thousands of dollars and several invitro procedures and 2 miscarriages I failed to deliver a live baby. It was by faith that I came acros your web page and as a last hope I followed everything indicated on there. After 2 months on the macca, progesterone cream and magnesium pills I became pregnant!!!. I did not have any complications, morning sickness, stretch marks or any other condition. My doctor consider my pregnancy a boring one!. I gave birth to a 9lbs baby boy on the first of this month. He is a God sent blessing. Thanks to all your advise.

I would love to share this with all your loyal readers.

Dear Dr. Wong,
My name is R. K. and I just spoke with you over the phone this afternoon - and I just wanted to send a quick note to THANK YOU so much for your time! (I am the one who's husband is trying to die on me - hopefully not! - with the kidney and blood pressure issues) I know that Doctors have a lot of demands on their time and frankly I was surprised that you called me back so quickly and even more surprised that you were so willing to listen and help over the phone! I really, really, really appreciate it. I will keep you updated on my husband's condition and diagnosis after the kidney biopsy next Friday, the 13th. I placed an order for the Zymessence and am really looking forward to it coming; will also take your suggestion regarding the Emergen-C to replenish his electrolytes daily; and am looking into the Dew's liver and kidney support that you mentioned! I am really hoping it all helps - it certainly can't hurt.

Also, you suggested I emailed you to get instructions for doing a coffee enema, for my husband's migraines. I would appreciate any suggestions on that! (Can't wait to see the look on my husband's face when I mention this...)

And last but not least, I just wanted to write and let you know that you are responsible for my healthy pregnancy! I had three miscarriages before I finally kept this baby and I'm due in 7 weeks...so I/we are thrilled to death! I came across your website and recommendations by accident online and read your article about fertility and pregnancy...and then emailed months ago with some specific questions that I can't remember right now...which you responded personally to (thank you again!). I followed your advice - took about 3 tablespoons of the Maca powder a day (that was just about all I could stomach), 100mg of Zing, progesterone cream morning and night and Vit E at 800 IU's a day...and now here I am! And that was without my husband taking anything! I was beginning to wonder what was wrong with me, and now my midwife says I have been one of the most easy clients for her - with absolutely no problems and a completely normal, healthy "textbook" pregnancy. By the way we are hoping to have the baby at home and have a waterbirth. I am actually looking forward to it!

So thank you again!

God bless and we'll try to be well :)

R. K.

I have just placed my second order of Zymessence. Thank you, Doc! These enzymes are awesome! I had been on another brand for over a year, with decent results, but after about 4 days on Zymessence, I noticed a HUGE surge in energy. I am a massage therapist, so I need a lot of energy. Lucky for you, I have a BIG mouth, because I am spreading the word! ....... Thank you for the great product!


Thanks very much for sending these to me Michelle......

I love his podcasts. There is so much original and ground-breaking info that his 30 minutes keeps my wife and I chatting about human health for days.

Thank you both ever so much for allowing us out here to so much the wiser in our own heath regimes.
Best wishes for a Merry Christmas season to you and Dr. Will.


Dear Dr. Wong,

I just wanted to thank you for coming up with this amazing product.

I've been battling fibroid tumors for quite a while now and refuse to give up my uterus.
Last year, it got really bad with crippling pain, and my husband found [product name removed] for me.
I took 24 a day for as long I could stand it, and did have success with it.

But, like you, I just couldn't keep up the dosage, and eating became so difficult, since
I had to take them on an empty stomach...well, I guess you know how it is.

It got bad again a couple of months ago, and you had sent an email to my husband,
informing him of Zymessence. I've been taking 6 a day, and felt an almost immediate difference. Now, it's a few weeks later, and I almost have my life back.

I have whole days painfree now, I can hardly believe it. I feel like a young girl (Im 51)

Thank you with all my heart!!

Congratulations on your success! That's totally awesome.

With kind regards,

A. G.

Howdy Doc,
I've started & am feeling already better. My lungs feel clearer & some old injuries & blocks are dissolving too. Only one problem, doc. Given the size of the pills i find quite difficult to ingest them. Can I break them or ...better not?

It was amazing with the first pill, was like wave after wave going through the body & could feel the blood flowing all over & in my brain. Maybe because I had lemon sorbet with fresh strawberries few hours before that !!

..... Thanks for creating such a great concoction, doc.
Best vibes from the UK,
Be very well & know that you are blessed,
Barb. T. : ))

I am using zymessence and WOW I have not felt this good in years! Amazing, I have fibromyalgia and was miserable, my muscles could not recover from the smallest task. I felt the difference immediately, I could feel something breaking down in my muscles and about an hour later my range of motion increased significantly. I could go on and on with stories...but mostly I want to thank you :)


Hi Michelle, (doc)

How are you all doing?

Also, Zymessence is totally excellent. I do yoga regularly and can sincerely tell the difference with more flexibility in Neck, shoulders etc. really a great product.


Dr. Wong:

Thank you for your immediate response. One of the main reasons I purchase your recommended products is because I trust your expertise based on your experience, knowledge, integrity and moral character. Your care for others and honesty toward others is well conveyed in all you do and how you relate......

On a personal note, I too operate from a Christian conservative biblical world view. I have a MS in Mechanical Engineering and a Master in Divinity from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.......

The Lord's Peace to you and your loved ones,


Thank you William! You've done a fantastic job of creating a systemic enzyme that absolutely works instantly! I haven't stopped talking about it and I am a walking testimonial for Zymessence..... I tell them about the heat radiating within my innards, to put it simply. They all want the info when I go on to explain how my plantar fasciitis in my right foot disappeard overnight after taking just one caplet! How fantastic is that??!! Then my frozen right shoulder (I called it my 'chef's shoulder' as I am a passionate domestic chef and the injury was the result of too much stir-frying - I am quite petite and only 5'1/2" so all kitchen benches and stovetops are way too high for me) which has been chronic for the past 5 years suddenly disappeared and now I am firing on nearly all guns! I could go on....where do I stop raving about the Zymessence? Take me on board.....

Yes, I've had two Caesarean sections and countless abdominal procedures such as tubal ligation (back in the mid 800's), suspected ectopic pregnancy hence an investigation into my tubes in my late 20's, appendix procedure at age 4...bowels and digestive problems three years ago due to all these procedures no doubt and now your systemic enzymes and lots of inner heat going on within.

God bless, love your spiritual articles...all of them. You speak like I want to hear it.


How was morning tennis?

Zymessence....I am a believer. Seriously. I was more on the ball this week and took it quite regularly the past couple of days. I played a bit of tennis on Friday and then 3 hours yesterday. Normally, my back would be way stiff by this morning. But I'm feeling fine...better than fine. It may be because of the anti inflammatory benefits from zymessence, I bet. Plus it eats up the old scar tissue.


Tks for the recommendation!

my mom got me a few bottles and i passed it to my buddy, big tennis player 39 yrs old....
my lipoma next to my neck is also shrinking...i take 5 a day...

thanks doc

all the best

Hi Dr Wong i just wanted to tell you i have learned so much from your podcasts and i have told some friends about you and they have benafitted from your Zymessence also.I was going to MD after MD and MD and none of them helped me at all with my badly sprained back muscle then i found your CD on enzymes long story short my back is 95% now thank you so much. I thought my life was over at 39 now i can work 60 hours a week without pain.I think you are a good person and God will reward you for your kindness i pray for you to keep speading the truth and exsposing the lies around us.


Just wanted to put in a good word for Zymessence. I've used other big name systemic enzyme products but I've definitely noticed better results with Zymessence. If I happen to have any general muscle aches or pains, they clear up pretty quickly after taking a dose of Zymessence. I didn't experience such a fast response with the other brands.

Paul L.
Morrisville, PA

Dear Dr. Wong,

My name is P. W. from Southern Indiana. I'm a Type II Diabetic, I
started taking Zymessence in Oct. 2008; 2-3 per day. I no longer have
numbness in my toes.

Thank you very much,


Thank you! I listened to them (audio files) last night and thought they were incredible! I wish the whole world knew about this stuff!!!


Fascinating! Well, I appreciate your reply. Goat milk, eh? Well, I've only ever had cow milk, but I'll try it... I didn't mention before, but you are one of those guys that America needs more of. Seriously.0 I first thought that when I read all the evidence you put up about gun-control, and how guns reduce crime. (I used to write for my student paper, and I have similar ranting's myself.) You are clearly someone that uses facts rather than emotions to get to the bottom of things, and I appreciate that to no end. Speaking out against Prozac and all of that garbage, as well as everything else you have out here... great. If you ever start a club or something, let me know


Dear Dr. Wong - I'm extremely grateful to have discovered your website. I can't help but compare the feeling to the scene in The Two Towers where Gandalf rescues King Theoden from Saruman's witchcraft, restoring his manhood and kingship. Thank you.

P.L., NJ

Thanks Doc ... Finished my first day on your new enzyme and "think" it's going to be great and will keep you abreast of my experience. My initial experience is that I have a "firewall" of energy or a suit of armour protecting me.

Be well!


Hello Dr. Wong,

I wanted to ask you a question, but first should pass along that, after my wife and I have been struggling with infertility issues, I got your latest e-book and started taking vitamin E, Zinc, L-Lysine, and LArgininee, and some Maca. Now my wife is pregnant! Coinkydink or not, I don't care. Thank you!


Thank you from the bottom of my heart, by the way. You saved me from getting surgery, so I have much gratitude for that and believe it or not your my hero! Thanks for all that you've learned and are sharing with others.


Hi, doc, if last night is any indication of what I have to look forward to, I am very happy... M Teed about 8 or 9 caps of Maca that I had into some cereal. Was kinda wired after cardio rehab and it continued into the evening, giving me time to do a few extra things. Had a pretty good nights sleep and woke to that morning wood that I have not had in a long time. If the first night is any indication of what I have to look forward too once I get on all the items you are suggesting, I think I will come out of this feeling better than I have in years.
So far so good
Thanks for the help
Steve B.
Hello Dr. Wong,

Thank you VERY much for the suggestions! I've found that I need to reduce the prescribed pain med from 2 to 1 at a time...
The Western doctors I've seen have no suggestions whatsoever about eliminating the bone spur so I am glad to know your recommendation to increase the magnesium for both chelation as well as muscle spasming. Also, it's very helpful to know about the calcium and I am going to pass on that info to my mother as she has cardiovascular heart disease.

Thank you again for all that you do for your unknown patients out there like myself--you are truly a light of hope in the dark world of the AMA and Big Pharma!


God Bless you all for such great work. ..... the articles,including one on aspirin & poison seed: Soy.........In One month my fibroid has been reduced from grapefruit to lemon size. Your work is most amazing!


You're the best. Thanks for your quick reply. You're an encyclopedia of medical knowledge and a gift to all.

Thanks Doc.



Dearest Dr Wong,

First of all, I'd love to thank you for all you've given humanity........

You are undoubtedly one of the greatest men alive.........

Happy New Year, and thank you from the bottom of my heart.


...thank you so much for the candida cure, it has turned my life around, gratefully, robert


Dear Dr. Wong,

And again thank you! You are a saint to give your time to helping others and
making their journey to wellness a success..............

Your time is so precious and words fall short when it comes to
expressing the gratitude I feel inside for the knowledge and experience you
share so freely. Your love for humankind is an inspiration and a highly evolved
example of heavenly life on Earth.

With sweetest appreciation,

I am impressed with Dr Wong! I found this site by accident and have learned more from it in 5 minutes than all the research that I have done in 5 years. And its free.
Thank you for all of your educational information


Hi Doctor Wong! (This is) D.O.! I'm the nutritionist w/ fibro from NJ and we have email chatted a few time! Don't know if you remember me as I know you hear from lots of people. Once again I must tell you how I love reading your articles and there is no one who has such a complete and brilliant protocol on fibromyalgia. You cover all the bases from hormones to iron deficiency to weight training. I hope you are doing well. I am doing better. Many of your suggestions have helped including iron replacement. I'm using the formula you rec............

Thank you again, Dr. Wong! You are the best.
Best regards....

Thank you Michele, for sending these (updates) to me. I do appreciate them. I am one who suffered bad things when I had my children. They did what they wanted to weather I chose it or not. We have 30 international rights and they are not inforced for our benifit. I believe the work that you and Dr. Wong do is important to the human race and our rights.


Hello folks,
I thank you for waking me up, as I’ve been depressed over this situation for too long.

I wish good things for you & Michele, & hope to speak w/you soon. Your epiphinata…..steve

Dr. Wong
Thank you so much.
It is always a pleasure to hear you on the radio on the Vim & Vigor program. One program, you were describing how a man has more estrogen than his wife feels. It was me I felt that she did not love me and did not care if I was even in her life. About a week after stating the DIM that I got from you my life had changed. Now I know that was just the estrogen talking and I am feel better every day. Thank you so much for all that you do.

R.T., Hawaii

First, I wanted to confirm the LDL/HDL profile consistent with endurance athletes. I am a 43 year old man, and have been a distance runner and cyclist since age 14. I have always had extremely low HDL levels (around 40) and high LDL levels, (145+). I was told to do more cardio. I was already doing about 10-12 hours of "Cardio" each week! Thanks for the wake-up call. My question: Do joint supplements (MSM, etc) actually have any value? I am 43, and concerned about joint health and the damage done by the years of insane "cardio". Thanks, Respectfully, K.K., Yorktown, VA

Your book "The Care and Feeding of a Penis" is great. I ordered some products from you and received them this weekend. By following your advice with them I can already feel a difference. Dramatically. I am 36 and have been having ED since I was 33. I considered that WAY to early, but had no answers. Now I might.
Thank you,

*Note: Dr. Wong's men's book has been renamed to Maximum Male Performance.

Dear Dr. Wong,
I appreciated speaking with you this April. The information you gave me proved very valuable and useful;...

Again, thanks very much for your help.


Dr. K.S., Ohio

Dr Wong,

I was in AZ the end of July 2006 and I was in a health food store looking for something to cleanse my system. While I was talking to the clerk on the best product to use she found out I had fibromyalgia. She introduced me to your product and told me this worked for you. After trying a million things over the past 15 years I said why not.

 I have been taking for a month now and I have eliminated the following pills; flexeral 10 mg, cymbaltat 60 mg, celebrex 200 mg & tramadol 37.5/325.

Not all sure how it works but I have been pain free for the first time in 15 years.
I am a firm believer in your product, Thank you for giving me back the control of my life.


Thank you,
J. V. H. / Overland Park, KS

I have taken your advice re:estrogen dominance and am taking Enzymatic Therapy Pure Rip with DIM along with rubbing on Kevala progesterone cream and have seen real results in subcutaneous fat reduction, increased body hair and faster muscle development when working out. Thanks for your excellent articles. I am 70 years old, in good health, a dedicated alternative health advocate but can always learn more from informed and honest experts such as yourself.


Ok, I have finished your book, "The Care and Feeding
of the Penis" and am really intrigued. Finally
someone to come forward with a postive plan of action
on this stuff! Great!!! .....


First of all I would like to thank you for all the info on Fibroid tumors..... I greatly appreciate youre help and knowledge in this area......Thank you for youre time. Tricia

T.A./South Carolina

Dear Dr. Wong,

When I received your email this morning I found tiny small tears
falling down my face- especially when you mentioned the scar tissue
would want to naturally connect all my parts again- I had a glimpse of
what that felt like and remembered the agony of being so toxic and
dying- I never want to go back to that again. I'm forever thankful for
my friend who found you. And to you who have perhaps saved me from
another near death and perhaps this time it would mean death.

How utterly humbling death is - how invigorating life is and the
perspectives that change and become richer when one has faced the fear
of death. I'm alive and intend to enjoy my gift of life to the

I can't begin to tell you how much i appreciate the care and
tenderness in your letter - I hold you in the highest regard Dr. Wong
- You gifts to humanity, the gift of healthfulness and knowledge is a
remarkable service - we are blessed to have your wisdom and

Thank you, for the gift of knowledge to live a healthy vibrant life.


Dear Dr Wong

A few weeks ago you sent me a link to your website of articles and I clarified with you what soya products I should avoid. You said to avoid all. ..... I've lost the 7-10lbs I'd put on and which I couldn't get rid of and can fit back into my clothes again (hurrah!).....

Anyway, since I've stopped eating soya (which was tofu and soya sauce mainly) I have hardly had any breast tenderness this month (not the extent it used to be) and certainly seen an improvement with my energy levels and a reduction in body bloating which always started about two or three days after my previous period had finished and continued for about two weeks making me feel very miserable and lethargic with constant PMS.

I can't believe how different I feel and have been talking to a colleague at work who's training to be a nutritionist and knew all about xenoestrogens and had to stop soya herself because of bloating. So I have been glad to talk to someone face to face who understands what I'm talking about and is reading Dr John Lee's books.

I haven't bought any more progesterone cream (or oil as I had been using) yet as I want to make sure the oestrogens are out of my system before restarting and realise now it must've been the soya I was eating that stopped the progesterone from working in the first place.

I've also found out how many foods contain soya (including soya flour in some breads, hydrolised vegetable protein, unspecified vegetable oil and vegetable fat and lecithin). Good job I scan ingredients of foods I buy anyway.

So thank you for directing me towards the article on soy(a) as I realise I was being 'poisoned' by the stuff.

Kind regards


Hello Dr Wong
Thank you for the info for the kids dosages. One of mine did have a foot injury yesterday so your timing was perfect......
Wow, what you said about how in Germany the enzymes are even given to infants to overcome birth trauma and also how safe they are just blows my mind. Why do we not do that here? These enzymes could help so many people for so many things newborn - senior years. I did not know of  them until recently otherwise I would definitely have started taking them sooner. I bet drug companies probably don't want people knowing about them.
I am already experiencing dramatic improvement. I am relying on only the enzymes for pain, they do not take it away completely but it takes a good edge off as if I have taken a large dose of Naproxen. ......... I am sleeping much better than I have in years which for me is a miracle. I still wake up a few times because I hurt and need to change positions but when I am sleeping, I really sleep. I am even dreaming like crazy and wake up feeling like I have slept enough and mentally sharper. Also the heavy limb feeling I call 'concrete limb' is improving in my arms.
I am so excited to be discovering how well I may become. I am actually waking up feeling hopeful instead of dreading. It is amazing that I am experiencing improvement in such a short time and especially by something good for my body, not toxic. I can not thank you enough for the enzyme information/education you have shared with me and apparently so many others (I am now discovering that since poking around on the internet). I feel like your information ..... is helping me more than anything else I have learned, taken or tried in 12 years of DR's visits, physical therapy, medications, special diets, herbs and so on. You are doing a HUGE service us bringing this information to us.
Blessings and Thanks,

Dr. Wong,
Thank you very much for the info you published on exercise. Less reps and more weight on the Bowflex really makes a difference. I have rotator cuff problems and my range of motion has drastically increased since I cut the reps and doubled the resistance.

Thank you,
George P.

dear dr wong since I wrote to you in nov I've been taking the enzymes also maca powder and I can say that they have helped me enormously I noticed an improvement about a month of taking them and the long fibroid that was hanging out through the cervix shrunk, broke off and fell out with no extra bleeding also my uterus is soft again and my periods are back to normal with only slight pain now and then and they are not so heavy like before Im still taking the enzymes just to maintain the healing and Im very gratefull for the info you gave me about the beans as I have also made some dietary changes . sinserly L.

Dear Dr. Wong, you are a Godsend. Thank you so much.  By the way, I'm beginning to feel "normal".   Meaning that my periods are back to 28 days, would you believe????? At my age, 54, wow, I think I have found the fountain of youth. Yippee!


Diane S. T.....



Dr. Wong,
Your article on conquering Yeast Infections Naturally is one of the best articles I've ever read on the subject. I was actually searching the web for something else and stumbled upon this article. Cheers to your knowledge, and to our ability to convey that knowledge in lay terms so that the average person can understand your topic well. You must have been an educator... or you love what you do!

Eric M.

October 24, 2005

Dr Wong,
Just wanted to let you know that my GH levels have gone up 50% in two months from taking your advice. Thanks again and feel free to add this to your testimonials page.
Mike M.....

August 8, 2005

Dear Dr. Wong,

I am writing to THANK YOU. I have suffered for years with chronic, sharp stomach pain, diarrhea, much overall discomfort. I read your article about yeast infections and knew right away this was a very possible cause of my problem. I took your advice and ordered Sedona Labs iFlora Yeast/Candida and also found Nutrition Now Yeast Defense and a good potent Grapefruit Seed Complex, both of these have also been excellent products. I added some extra strength Acidopilus to my regimine just to be sure my plan of attack worked. A combination of these supplements taken alternately daily with and between meals and also cutting SUGAR OUT of my diet has virtually stopped my digestive problem dead in it's tracks. No longer am I suffering with this chronic situation I found myself in. I am regular again! I have NO more stomach pains and I feel great! I am very grateful for your article, it really saved me from the mess my life had become. My productivity was even effected by my discomfort, any activity for that matter, my whole daily routine including leisure time was interefered with by the problems I lived with, NO MORE! I have been regular and clear for 3 months now so I know it is for real, my whole life has been turned around and I have you to thank for it!


It really works!

Your friend,


Dear Dr. Wong,
Never, in all my years, have I received such a speedy and timely reply. I have always contended that the real mark of a true healer is the willingness to give another human being whatever time is required to recognize and name the malady and then to mutually determine a course that the patient can both understand and follow and finally to show that person a way to care for himself so that the condition will not repeat. I always felt that I was killing two or three birds with one stone as that patient who followed directions and became well could hardly wait to share with others who voiced similar complaints-often helping them to find healing without expensive medical or dental care.

It is obvious that you are masterful at all of the above and I truly applaud your efforts. I personally believe it is the only answer that will lead us out of the wilderness of Drug sponsored Medicine and Dentistry.
Kindest Regards and thank you.
Dr.J. H.
Thank you again. You are so kind. I am amazed that you give so much of your time to help people you don't even know.  You are a hero among doctors. And...God bless you, Dr. Wong. You have been a great help.
In the spirit of heroic men such as yourself,
Sincerely yours,
Thanks for your previous information on strenth training. I am feeling good about the training I am doing. Due to me working on deadlifts, my back feels great (I would have thought the opposite!), and I can dig in the garden with
greater ease!

Anyway, thanks again for all you do!

B.Van D.

First, I would like to thank you. About a year ago, my friend's mother was scheduled to have her legs amputated in three weeks because of diabetes and other disorders. After taking the supplements you suggested the doctor's found that she was doing much better and cancelled her amputation. She got up and walked for the first time in years. Her feet no longer hurt. She was starting on a road to recovery. Unfortunately, it didn't fit in well with her victim routine which she used to run her children ragged so she decided she was not happy swallowing all those pills. She went back to bed and that's where she's been ever since. I think she had to have her legs amputated after all...


Thank you very much for your quick reply to my questions.  And I'd also like to thank you for your service to your fellow man.  If I had not found your website, I wouldn't be feeling as well as I am these days.  The information that you're promulgating has made a great difference in my quality of life.  The progesterone cream and maca seem to have really kicked in, and honestly, I can't recall feeling this well since I was a kid, not even during my years of excellent fitness in the military.   I have far more energy, but at the same time, I'm far more relaxed and less edgy.  I'm losing weight, in the form of bodyfat, without doing a thing to my diet, and after years of waking up feeling like I'd been hit by a bus in the night, I'm now climbing out of bed without all the aches and pains.  And once I'm out of bed, it no longer takes me an hour to wake up fully.  I'm alert right away!  The overall sense of well-being is just terrific.  Thank you, Dr. Wong! R.B.
Dr. Wong,
     I cannot thank you enough for answering my questions. YES, the exocrine system has been completely removed from memory..... Your knowledge of its abilities, your specific topic coverage and the fact that you represent a product that is life changing ~ yet still seems to elude the public after all this time, make my need to get the word out that much more. I work at .............. in the nutrition dept., was a former Navy medic and ambulance driver. My life has switched to an entirely natural health seeking one.......
     I did not mean to write so much, I was just surprised to see the e-mail was from you. That even says more about your integrity.
Take care of yourself, good health to your wife and family, God Bless and thank you again!!
R.D. Santa Monica California
This is an unsolicited rave review for your product. I have had blood pressure over 140/90 since the mid 1970's.In the past few months it started to soar to the 155/100+ range. In reaction, my physician has been prescribing more and more drugs to control it. About a month ago, I collapsed in the gym while working out from the effects of one of the drugs. I decided that conventional medicine was just trying to mask the causes of my problem.They seemed to be indifferent to new ideas and didn't mind experimenting on me with ever greater(FDA approved) cocktails of dangerous substances. I was also beginning to feel like a walking zombie from the obvious side effects.
I searched the internet and stumbled onto articles by Dr. William Wang which extolled the virtues of Holistrol as a blood pressure reducing agent that was both safe to use and one that  offered hope for a cure to the underlying causes of the condition. I purchased a bottle and received it in the mail about two weeks ago. I immediately began taking it. The results for me were hardly gradual! My blood pressure almost immediately began to go down to levels that I had not experienced since Carter was president. When I visited the doctor last week for an unrelated problem, she was shocked and delighted to measure my BP at 124?74. I could see the disbelief in her eyes...especially when I told her I had eliminated half the prescription dose of my BP lowering drugs.
I just ordered a bottle for my 80 year old uncle who has very serious high blood pressure. This is a revolutionary breakthrough. I predict a shockwave reverberating throughout the drug industry as word of mouth advertising gets out.Some very big players might have to shut down their operations in favor of ancient Chinese cures! It couldn't happen any sooner for me. Best wishes.
Jay D. Allen
Costa Mesa, CA.
Dear Dr. Wong,

I would like to thank you very much for the information. I have talked to many doctors (here and in my home country of Slovakia) but I always felt that they were not interested in what I had to say. It was as if they were all following the same repair directions, the same narrow-minded pathway of thinking, much like a car mechanics. When my own sister, a medical doctor, suggested that I am making a big deal out of such a common surgery as hysterectomy, I knew I was in trouble.

Even though I am "only" a physicist, it was very obvious to me that there was a reason why the fibroid grew in the first place. Taking out the uterus would not remove the cause, just the symptoms. I have spent the last 10 months reading books and searching internet for the information about hysterectomy, uterin fibroid embolization, as well as nutrition, well being, and natural healing of cancer. I have taken a series of homeopatic (herb-based) treatments from Slovakia, the Norwegian salmon oil, and cold-pressed, unrefined linseed oil. They have cured a lot of little problems, varying from constipation, to occasional headaches, and irregular menstrual periods. However, nothing seemed to help with the bleeding. I was ready to give up
and schedule the surgery when I came across your web site. Thank you so much for all that wonderful public service you are providing. You have returned hope to my life and provided several answers to my questions. Better yet, I do not feel "insane" any more :-)

Best regards,

H. G.

Thanks for the incredibly fast response... Again, I think your dedication to the healing process is incredible!

best wishes s.p.
Dear Dr. Wong,
I've been reading a lot about health and nutrition for the past 7 or 8 years. Some of that reading has come from newsletters and books by doctors and others. I've read Dr. Atkins, Dr. Barry Sears, Dr. Al Sears, Dr. Jonathan Wright, Dr. Mercola, and that's not the half of them. I've learned a lot and feel like I know when I see good information. You are up there with the best of them........
After reading most of the articles on your web site, I must acknowlegde you for providing amazing and incredibly valuable information. I occasionally used Wobenzym and some Nattokinase, but your information opened my eyes 10 times wider.
I can't thank you enough for the information you've already given me through your web site... I wish you and your family the best of everything. I hope many people will learn what you have to teach. Regardless of what you do next, you are already a rare contribution to this planet.
Best regards,
Hal Weiss
Dear Dr Wong,
I enjoyed reading your article on cox 2 inhibitors- "I told you so". I am an RN and work in the recovery room of a large hospital in Arizona. I too am pleased that the truth about these drugs is finally out. I find my post-op patients who take cox2 drugs have a terrible time with post op pain relief. The cox 2 drugs interfere with ALL our pain meds:  Morphine, Demerol, Dilaudid, etc. When these people come for joint replacements they suffer terribly and it is very frustrating for me to not be able to help them. I've read all the data also and knew about the heart risks and had wondered about herbs that work in this same way. My coworkers and I are glad this stuff is exposed. The surgeons have no idea what we nurses have been trying to tell them about how cox2 interferes with pain meds. I 'll be reading your web site thoroughly.
Linda Sewell, RN
Thank you so much for responding to my e-mail.  My son is a varsity football player and taking the enzymes right before and after games has made an enormous difference in the time it normally would take for the healing process of the "battle" scrapes, bumps, bruises, etc., as well as the fatigue. He bounces back in no time and seems to stay injury & inflammation free. We now put him on a daily enzyme regimen. Thank you so much for all the valuable info and advise! I have started my own regimen and it already lessened the pain level of my fibromyalgia. God Bless you for putting the word out! M.H. 
Hi Dr. Wong,

Thank you for the courtesy of a reply.
I appreciate the information presented on
your website and will be recommending it
to many.


Dr Wong,

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate you and all the knowledge you freely
give to us.
May God bless you and your mission.



Dear Dr. Wong,
   Once again I would like to send you my gratitude for helping me make informed decisions.
    May you continue to be guided, directed, and enlightened.  May you continue to have the desire to share that which you learn, and are given, with us, your brothers and sisters is my  prayer.
                                              With gratitude,

Recently, my daughter A.H. (ovarian cyst) has corresponded with you and M.S. and I'm am THRILLED to say after following your recommendations (within days of taking enzymes & progesterone) she's feeling wonderful!!!! AMEN!!!

Again, thank you for being there for all of us that the "main
stream" medicines just don't help (they hurt more than help).


I wanted to thank you again for the information you provided me a few weeks ago. I started the program that was suggested below on October 1st and I have noticed that the Fibroid tumors are shrinking. The tumors are very big, the last time it was measured by a doctor it was the equivalent size of a 5 month fetus.

I've always known that there was a natural way of getting rid of the Fibroids. I felt that if my body created them then I could get rid of them! I've seen over 7 MDs that only offered the solution of either a hysterectomy or a myomictomy.....I've continually refused the option of surgery because I knew that surgery would not get to the root of my problem.

I've been searching for years for the right alternative solution for me, it has become sort of a hobby to me. I'm always reading alternative information in search of the right solution for me. I've done colonics, cleansings, fasting and complete diet changes which were great to lose weight, get rid of my cellulite and help me feel better. However, none have reduced the fibroids like I'm seeing now.


I just finished your book and wanted to let you know how helpful it has been... Thanks for all the great things you are doing for the male population.
Hello ...Thank you so very much. Dr. Wong's therapy has changed my life for the better. Thank you again,.....!
 Best Regards,

A Customer Review from Amazon.com
A GREAT MAN, March 13, 2003
Reviewer: A reader from cortez, CO United States This is a wonderful book, and you might want to also check his other book out, ten natural treatments you haven't heard of until now. I can not tell you enough about his knowledge on everything from exercise, sports medicine, sexual health, and beyond. You will learn more from his two books than from ten natural healing books by M.D.'s and other authors, I suggest you buy these books. ...

I just finished reading your "10 Natural Treatments You Haven't Heard of Until Now".Major Kudo's to you for coming up with such useful and practical information. I love the fact that you have all of the exercises right there with the nutritional data! Being able to read through it in one sitting makes it so much easier for the patients to absorb the information.
Thaddeus P. Srutwa, MD
I first read your article ... in Men's Exercise.  Funny, I thought I was truly out of my element being a spiritually minded martial artist simply hoping to enhance my strength training this year for a movie (of all things!). It was a few months before I read your article with attention. When I did I was amazed..(.) Tonight I
visited your sight and am amazed and refreshed at your work and perspective... Great work, and thanks for your efforts.
Asheville, NC
Hi Dr. Wong, thank you for answering all of my questions,--I don't know how you find the time to do that, you must have thousands of questions everyday. Thank you ..... for your answer, happy new year.....

I've noticed many positive changes, including a lifting of depression and more energy. I was told I had no blood flow to my legs, so have had tons of dark veins and "pooling of blood" in my ankles and feet. That looks so much better now.


I have been in broadcasting for 25 years and have always been interested in nutrition and supplements. I host a talk show each day called "Talk Of The Town". During the show, we often interview authors and interesting people that have positive things to say and help for those of us that want options in our medical treatment. I first met Dr. William Wong in March of 2000. Dr. Wong was a guest on our show and was an instant hit. Our listeners were impressed with his insight and explicit details of our topic of conversation. Dr. Wong talked about different maladies from Fibromyalgia to migraine headaches.... Dr. Wong has written the neatest book and I advise everyone to get a copy to have around as a timely reference to many of our everyday complaints after 40.Thank you Dr. Wong for many interesting interviews and all that great advice you pass on to our listeners. I always look forward to the days you are on the air with us.Our listeners tie up the lines to get your phone number and web site. !

Nelle Reagan
WRGA News talk Radio
Rome, Georgia 30161

When I first met Dr. Wong, I seemed to be a healthy 25 year old (except for severely irregular cycles).  After a year, it became obvious that my health was deteriorating.  I went to MD's, DO's, ND's, MD(H)'s, DC's and various specialists.  Everything seemed fine.  Then finally, I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue, Liver Toxicity, Heavy Metal Poisoning....the list goes on.  Who knew just how dangerous store bought ant and roach killers were?  

My doctor missed the Mono diagnosis when I was 13 and hence it went untreated. Heavy Metals?...Mercury tooth fillings, mercury in tuna fish and salmon and just about all of my favorite fish.  But at least I knew!  Dr. Wong helped me; develop an exercise program to decrease the fatigue from CFIDS; he had me take Systemic Enzymes for the aching muscles,  fibrosis building in my body and liver toxicity; he helped me balance my hormones with ProgestaCare and Andro Edge; he helped me follow a prescribed diet to help my liver and gall bladder to function more efficiently; and he got me in touch with a local MD(H) who had the capabilities to super oxygenate my blood, detoxify my body and kill deep seated viruses that were causing the CFIDS and Mono.  

I thank God for Dr. Wong every night before I go to bed.  Without his guidance and willingness to help me find specialists (no matter the field) that could help me, I don't know where I would be today.  (Probably on Prozac like my DO suggested)!  What I do know is that I am very happily married with a new baby boy that I cherish.  

Thank you!
Michele Leigh Wong
Mineral Wells, TX


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