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The comments below were sent to Dr. Wong(or verbalized via telephone conversations) from various users of the products and natural health remedies he recommends. They were volunteered by the submitters without any offer of compensation. These opinions are not the opinions of Dr Wong, the website designers, or anyone else associated with the Zymessence™ product.
These results are not typical. Individual results may vary.

Dear Dr. Wong,

I just want to thank you for responding to my message.....and so quickly! It's so wonderful to know there are still some real Doctors out there who care. God bless you.

J. G.

I just ordered my first bottle [Zymessence], and I'm very excited about finally getting some good results from an enzyme blend!.....

I know it sounds silly, but I tried chewing one of the pills, and I liked the taste :) Still, I'll just take the whole pill if chewing on them reduces the absorption or efficacy.

So what's the best way to take the pills: whole or crushed/chewed?

Thanks again, and I can't wait to see continued results from the Zymessence (my BP dropped from my usual 140/90 to 109/68, and that's just after a week of taking Zymessence! I took too many NSAIDs when I was younger, and it looks like Zymessence is already lysing away the scar tissue in my kidneys.)


J. C.

Dear Doctor, thank you for being instrumental in my life change. ...... The polysorbate 80, macca, and myomin, have actually started growing the 3" diameter bald spot a little bit.....

S. G.

Hi Doc, I started on 1 tbsp of magnesium citrate per day to address a bone spur issue I had on my right tibia just below the knee cap.Its been about a month and I have seen about a 50% reduction in its prominence.

Thanks Much, Chuck

I do not trust other products on the market (only yours). Your products work and I have taken alot of "stuff" thru the years that haven't done anything they are suppose to do. .....

Thank you sooooo much and may you be richly blessed for your hard work and efforts to bring treatment products to me and the world that is willing to listen and want to get better. Many of the people I have told about the product seem to not want to get better. I was to the point with my fibro that I would have died just to feel better. God brought you and your products into my life and like I said previously, I now feel alive when I wake up. I still have some pain, but with a couple more months on the fibro treatment plan, I believe I will only feel better and better. If I can ever help with testimonials, etc to any pt that you come across, please let me know. If I can help one fibro person to find you and experience the return to health that I have, I will be blessed.

Thank you Dr. Wong,
Dothan, Alabama

Thank you so much for your podcasts. They have been a great source of information for me and have led to many changes and improvements in my health and well-being.



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